Tre Ford listed as Elks' starting QB for Week 4

Jones sure is creative.
They should line the punter up at safety and then we could get a game something like tennis!

Give us a second run option.....especially with Arbuckle in the back pocket. Arbuckle runs better than Fajardo but not as well as Ford. Being able to take off and run may be a planned option this week.

It will in all likelihood open Walker and Lawler because the Cat's won't be able to double them unless they rush 3 and that would still leave holes in the linebacking core.

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No doubt the pro coaches are doing some planning, but they have no advantage of film on this matter.

Maybe let's not give them any ideas just in case they overlook something? :smiley_cat:

I think Fajardo is a much better runner than Arbuckle is. Ford has the foot speed on either guy, but has yet to prove his rushing skills at the pro level. I'm pretty confident he's going to prove that, and excited to see what he can do tonight.

Thanks for your brutal take on Ford there hammerhead

What kind of sauce would you like with your grilled crow tomorrow, sir?

Well maybe not quite so fast there.

Ford was 15/26 for 159 yards and a TD and intercept. I have to think that Arbuckle could have done at least that. What he didn’t do was make the glaring mistakes that Evans did so I give him credit for that. Edmonton’s offense had little to do with their victory. It was all because of their defence and the three second half takeaways.

One issue for Ford I see in last nights game is the knockdowns on a few occasions .

But the ability to make some key completions , his running speed and the effectiveness of the Elks running game last night was effective in pushing down field enough and let the defence come together was winning ugly but the underdog feel is infectious ; you could see it on the bench .

Being just good enough right now , playing within your skills and not beating yourself worked .

The team looked like they were winning a playoff game and enjoying the moment .

That team spirit and pride goes a long way in building a team .

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He was a pleasant surprise .

For a guy who did not play two years ago because of lockdowns and played only 6 U sports games last year the mountain he climbed last night was far steeper and was for all accounts a guy who game managed like a Pro .

If there was a betting line on U sports Ford you could have paid off your mortgage in Vegas .

He beat the runner up in the Grey Cup and Ford played for Waterloo who won only half their games and were pounded by the Western Mustangs in the playoffs .

He has a ways to go in playing sharper but playing good enough to win in this league and not beating yourself is a key element many QB 's lack .

Again he has a long ways to go in the game but that was shockingly fun .

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Ford still has a lot to work on regarding his passing game, but he also put up 60+ yards in rushing, which got them a few first downs. The most Arbuckle has ever rushed in an entire season is 76 yards. If coverage is tight, Arbuckle doesn't give them another option for moving the ball downfield. Ford does.


Uh yes and also no, for according to him and many here, the Elks had NO CHANCE and were going to be killed and not even close. So no pass nope.

I'll wait for their sauce order or maybe just serve them the default A1 for their venom for a quarterback on his first start.

Being pessimistic is one thing as I was too like many and would have been with Arbuckle all the same given our play all season, but they went beyond with the no chance and derision so no pass like you give them too.

Sauce up heavy now on the crow.

Certainly any coach in the league is not listening to you because they sure don't want to be sitting by you next week just as ol' Bill Parcells stated on another front.

What kind of sauce would you like with your grilled crow as well, sir?

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This started out as a reasoned opinion but probably given your team, obviously it went off the rails and was dead wrong. Oh well, there's always another time.

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Doubt it. If Arbuckle had played you would have heard Simone Lawrence's name a lot more often as the "pin your ears back all out blitz" would have happened a lot more. That's what the TiCats D is built around.

Ford and his running ability kept the blitzing to a minimum as the linebackers had to stay home, especially after watching him run around Lawrence like he was a pylon in the first half. I have no doubt that after watching tape, he will be better his next outing.

Having a short field to score an is also part of the deal and the three takeaways were in Hamilton's half so they didn't generate may yards of offence.

Regardless of all else Ford got the Job done last night. Good, bad, or ugly, its still a W.

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Ford didn't win the game on his own. His passes were off the mark. He didn't pass through 60% of his passes. Evans gifted the win to the Elks. Kid needs a lot of work in his passing game. He ain't Rourke, more like a lesser Brandon Bridge.

I'm happy that the Ford got the win, but there is a lot of work to be made in his passing game


I would never eat crow since the scavenger is full of parasites. But i would take a scoop of strawberry ice cream with the humble pie


Deal and me too I avoid eating scavengers as well!

Already you get a double scoop then with the humble pie and for being a good sport even amidst my somewhat harsh retort, I feel like you should get a bonus chaser drink of your choice! :tumbler_glass:

This win was good for the CFL in some ways though I am sure at least one bunch of fans disagree.

Just think the next time perhaps Chris Jones activates the mad genius option and decides to start Tre Ford?

I feel like this thread should remain alive just for that reason too, for maybe this team with Ford starting will match up better depending on the opponent and the weather.

I will take a bigger slice of the humble pie to satisfy your demerit assessment

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Don’t get me wrong. I’m not unhappy Edmonton won and also very happy that another Canadian QB started and won a game. But I do think, like Ford himself said, that the defence was responsible for this one. What was most impressive about Ford to me was that he didn’t make any terrible mistakes with the game on the line, unlike Evans. I’m not convinced Arbuckle wouldn’t have been just as good or better. We’ll never know. I expect that Jones will start Ford again next game and also think he may need more seasoning. I won’t be unhappy if I’m wrong.