Tre Ford listed as Elks' starting QB for Week 4

HAMILTON — Friday night will mark a sweet homecoming for Tre Ford.

The rookie quarterback is listed as the starter this week for the Edmonton Elks, when they roll into Tim Hortons Field for their Friday night battle with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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Well! This is going to be veeeery interesting. Adds a whole new element to tomorrows game. Arbuckle must be having a conniption. Could we be talking about having 2 Canadian QB starters after this game? Hmmm...


Why? He's not ready. Whatever happened to Cornelius? Jones is setting up the kid to fail.



I like Ford starting. I don't see it as setting him up to fail. The kid has to learn that he's a professional now. Sooner the better. Let him use his wheels and make stuff happen. Having said that, I personally haven't seen a problem with Arbuckle. I thought he's played pretty well. But when you're 0-3 you gotta shake up the bottle sometimes. Don't leave any points on the field, and don't leave any talent on the bench. I like it!


After thinking it might be closer than expected, I’m just glad I picked Hamilton in the pool.

Good questions. I hope they don't hang him out to dry. Skipping over Cornelius is puzzling.


Cor. Jones is definitely pulling out "all the stops" as my old broadcasting buddy Rodger Kent used to say!

A wee bit of research might have helped you this time sir.

Taylor Cornelius (correction made) is on the 1-game injured again. Whether that is the case or not for purposes of your claim is irrelevant.

I'm okay with this move for the same reasons @cflcats explained.

If Ford performs well, Chris Jones looks like a genius. There are other reasons I like Ford against this particular opponent, but that is for later.

If Ford flops, well he has that over with in his first ever pro game and in goes the seasoned veteran Arbuckle.

The ref. to Cor. Jones was short for Coach Chris Jones. . . . . NOT QB Cornelius Jones. Should have realized this b4 I posted - sorry for the confusion!
You're right - if Tray Ford shows game (even in a losing cause) its upside for both Ford & the Elks. If this new Elk QB is stopped in his proverbial tracks, then as you say - Arbuckle re-enters the fray!

I'd give Ford at least 1 1/2 quarters, at least 20 minutes of football before he's given the hook or left to finish the outing.


Imo Ford is being tossed to the wolves here. Like @DaveDaHammer I think starting him is a mistake, and a “stupid” one at that.
That BTW was the gist of the GIF I posted above… I wasn’t suggesting the idea of 2 starting Canadian QBs is stupid.

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Also it is telling that another quarterback Locksley otherwise on the roster is starting at slotback for this game, so there is more to this strategy than would meet the cursory glance. Now we wait and see.

I got it mixed up anyway I thought you meant Cornelius, as in Taylor Cornelius, and got all mixed up too here when at work distracted sorry about that.

I disagree. It's a shot many don't get, and it's a shot for Ford to show what he has or not. I bet he is excited and eager too.

There is no harm in offering a chance and shaking things up against this opponent plus there is a solid Plan B.

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Lots of American #2 QBs aren't thrown into the line of fire as fast as Tray Ford is ~ ~ ~ ~ only 3 games in?

I smell desperation!


When you are already 0-3 and looking ahead at the schedule, this game and the next hosting the Stamps are essentially your best shots at wins, so desperation or not you pull out some stops!

Possible potential trade looming. Showcasing Ford to show him off and also to know what you have if it is Arbuckle going the other way. One thing for sure is that Tre Ford has the athleticism to play. Would be a hometown boy playing in Hamilton as well.

Tough to be Nick Arbuckle who played well last week in Calgary. Hard to build confidence when you aren't getting the snaps. Hard for the receivers as well to adapt to a new QB every game.

Charles Nelson at RB might be a bigger concern.

Ford Fairlane can't read the defense quick enough. Look for him to run first when he can't locate the primary receiver. FF ain't playing the Windsor Lancers in this upcoming game. OH!

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Can anyone Coach in this league any more ???
Stupid, stupid decisions by idiot coaches.


Charles Nelson was listed as Edmonton's starting safety for their last game. Yes he started, but he only took the first 4 snaps there. Was this because of an injury or the ratio? Not from what I can tell.

So why was Nelson named the starter considering he barely played in the secondary? That would be a mystery to me.