Trawling and Trolling for Cranky Montreal Fans

zenstate wrote:
    <blockquote>Spinner wrote:I thought trolling was a fishing metaphor.
    Not the dude under the bridge.</blockquote>

I have seen it used with both meanings. A bridge troll in folklore harasses passers by. Much like this troll we have here. I think the fishing term is spelt "trawling" (or was, anyway).

At the risk of being called a pedant*, I'll comment on the final posts of the now locked "Montreal Fans are Cranky" thread.

Trawling and trolling are BOTH fishing terms.
In trawling you pull a net through the water.
In trolling you're pulling a line.

Have I confirmed it by using this word?* :wink:

** Or by asking this very question? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarification, Mark. As a fisherman of the 'trolling' kind I was confused for awhile with the suggestion I may have been a 'trawler'. Back in my hometown in N.W.Ontario if you want to catch pickerel your bait has to be moving. We are definite "trollers". I suspect our Als friend will settle down no matter how their record develops this year. I'm more hopeful our resident trouble makers will mature into productive forum members.

The term "troll" or "trolling" in the context of a web forum can fall into either the fishing or fairy tale metaphor.

In most cases, like the Winnipeg fans last week, fans of one team lurk out of sight on other teams' forums (fora?) and "jump out" and attack unsuspecting, innocent posters, similar to the trolls under bridges attacking travellers and children.

"Little Dick" Cheez, on the other hand, is an example of the fishing metaphor. He posted an inflamatory message on our board and waited for Ticat fans to bite. And bite they did, hook, line, and sinker. Silly people.

Just to clarify.. It was actually PiCat that wrote "I think the fishing term is spelt "trawling" (or was, anyway)." and not myself as you make it look in the quote, Mark.

Sorry, Zen. I had to pull the quote from the other (locked) thread and so evidently didn't pull enough.

My fiancee is not cranky. I soothed her until the next mauling, hopefully on Sunday…

:D :D :D ;)

Oski Wee Wee,


Ummm..... she's "pretty."
Really... how's it going there Russ? :slight_smile:

Very well, thanks Mark!

Sunday's game is going to be a barometer for both teams re their respective second halves of the season. If the Cats can emerge with another complete team effort and win Sunday, the Als are definitely going to be tested. The aura of being the class of the league is starting to wane in Montreal. Can AC and co. right the ship? Time will tell.

The problem is that the blueprint for beating Montreal has been out there for the better teams of the league for some time, but the Als have overcome all obstacles with a higher level of execution, attention to detail, great line play on both sides of the ball, and overall advantages in team speed -- not to mention #13 and Mr. Peepers under the headset. They are making key mistakes, taking foolish penalties, and being out-schemed on D, IMHO. They are playing to the level of their opposition, a sign that the "dynasty" may be teetering if not into collapse, perhaps a reloading phase.

Oski Wee Wee,


Is it complacency or staleness?

Some are suggesting that age is becoming a factor with the Als. As we heard repeatedly during the Labour day TSN broadcast, injuries, and as a result, the depth of their lineup has hurt them.

Defensively, maybe the biggest factor is the loss of their last year DC, Tim Burke, to the Bombers. This season, Montreal's defensive rankings, so far, is as follows:

Avg gain per rush 7th
Avg gain per pass 7th
Fewest yards net passing 6th
Avg yards passing per game 6th
Most interceptions 8th

Most of the rest of the stats, their defense places no higher than 5th. Winnipeg, not surprisingly, is at or near the top in almost all the stat categories. Bowman and Stewart were showing signs during and after the last game of their growing frustrations of this team's lack of success. This feeling may also have been on display with all the selfish, dumb penalties that their players have been taking, despite consistent assurances from Trestman that this problem will be reigned in.

Winnipeg's personnel has changed little over last year, except for the addition of their DC. Makes me wonder if Tisebar will still be DC in Montreal next season.

Mark and Old Fan, I think you're both on to something.

Mark I think it's staleness on offence. . . the other teams are now quite used to what Montreal does on offence, and are scheming to stop it, and doing a better job of that now that Trestman's offensive schemes are no longer 'new' and surprising to them.

Old Fan, I agree with you about the defence. . . I as well think that Tibesar may be on thin ice. . .

You would know since you’re an Als fan and NOT a Ticat fan.

Not quite zenstate.

I’m a CFL fan first and foremost. . .

In terms of specific teams, for me it’s Montreal 1A and Hamilton 1B.

The only team I can say I am not a fan of, in that I never ever can cheer for them, is that blue team that shall remain nameless; sort of a birthright for one born and raised in Hamilton, I trust you will agree ! :lol:

If that's the case, Zenstate, and let's say that Tisebar is gone at the end of the season, what about the possibillty of Greg Marshall as their new DC? Or would his thinking be too conservative for Trestman?

Sorry, I need coffee....I posed the question to Madjack...being an Als fan ..but please I would like to hear all opinions on my question....

LOL, no problem Old Fan, I figure we're about the same vintage. . . but I suspect I might be a tad older. . .

Hard to say about Marshall. From a Hamilton perspective, I am really impressed with Chamblin so far, I think he's been an upgrade over Marshall at D/C. He certainly likes to run more man to man defence than Marshall ever did; heck I think the Cats under Chamblin are in man coverage more in one quarter than they ever were in a whole game under Marshall. . .I happen to love watching defence, and this season the defences that I have enjoyed watching so far have been Winnipeg's, Edmonton's, and Hamilton's.

I think it's too soon to speculate as to what might happen in Montreal. . .I doubt they'd make a change mid-season, and even if they did I suspect they'd just promote from within on an interim basis for the balance of the season and then look at it in the off-season. If Tibesar was let go, would Marshall be considered? Possible I suppose, but I have no idea how probable it would be.

Hi Madjack:

I would agree that we are likely of the same age range. My first Tiger cat and football game was the '67 Grey cup that I saw by accident. Not a bad introduction. As such, that combined with my upbringing in Hamilton football, some of my great Tiger cat heros have been players like Mosca, Krouse, Barrow, Zambiasi, and my greatest Garney Henley. Being at the game with my binos and being able to witness live the workings of Don Southerin's defenses was a fine education for me, although his "prevent" designs, that he executed near the end of some games, is what gave me the gray hair I have today.

Currently, Corey Chamblin's style of defense has been incredibly fun and interesting to watch, not sure my nerves can handle the high risk part of his plan. I realize that some of his ideas were borrowed from Chris Jones, like the two man line, but with this talent in Hamilton the sky may be the limit for what this group may achieve, given time. It's early in the process, but I have a feeling that Chamblin will be around this league, along with his style, for a long time.

Kahari Jones, despite what LaPolice may have thought, is turning into a fine OC.

It's exciting to watch, first hand, this defense, and this team evolve.

Close yes, but I am older. .. my first game to attend live was on 15 October 1962, I was all of nine years old, and I got to witness a raw rookie starting his first CFL game in Joe Zuger, and he threw 8 TD passes in the game (a 67-21 win over Saskatchewan), a record that stands to this day !

Agree 100%, it has been a treat to watch, and Chamblin's having apprenticed under Chris Jones does explain a lot. . .

Ok Madjack...I will give into my vanity in the age're older!!!

Gee maybe I might be older than you old fan. I'm just a hair under Madjack's age. My first game I attended was as a 6 or 7 year old. I was taken to the game by my parents to see the "new" south stands (I think it was their first year - 1961 or 62?). I don't remember the exact year, but we sat in either section 22 or 23. I tried, but couldn't follow the play (as I was too young I guess) but I certainly remember the excitement in the crowd (either cheering or booing). It was something I could feel physically.

I just wish I knew who they played and the result of the game. It's one memory that will last a lifetime.