Travis MOORE

Travis Moore Is he close to signing ? I don't get much info on Riders in the peg and wonder if he is going to sign. IF not is it going to make much difference to the team ? I would like him back for his vetran abilties .what are youre opinions on him asset or not?

I heard on the radio that he likely will sign next week. May be a rumour. Hope he signs. He always gives 100%. I am surprised no other team has signed him yet.

Travis Moore is a class act but in reality WRers are a dime a dozen.

Last season Elijah Thurmon had 600 yards in 13 games as a Rookie and considering they didn't even throw the ball to him for the 4 games of the season, I think they think he might be the future.

I don't think Jamal Richardson is going to be back either.

I don't think that it will make a huge difference if Moore returns or not. I like him, but he gets injured way to easy. I like his leadership on the team, but I think that Matt Dominguez will make up for him not being there if Moore does not re-sign

Travis Moore on one leg will get you a 1000 receiving yards. What better model for the young guys to make them bust their ass.

he signed today for one year plus an option