Travis Moore

I haven't been around much or followed transactions recently. Did he retire, get cut? I know we brought him back late for the Calgary game last year when our receivers were playing awful and he was still in shape and catching passes better then French, Bailey and Tounkara. Travis Moore would have been great to replace Richardson when he went down this year, so what happened to the old guy?

That would give us 3 excellent receivers in Moore, Armstead, Dominguez if he's still playing, just a thought.

He retired. I agree that Travis Moore would be a fine addition and could still be effective. He runs good routes, has good hands, but has lost a step or two which is expected when father time takes its toll.

you complain that Kerry Joesph was old, but now you want to bring in someone older :o and has retired OMG!!! :expressionless:

Thanks nernzi, I've always wondered where he went.

He was a good receiver!

no prob, travis was also one of my all time fav recievers....even when he was in calgary