Travis Lulay

What's the status of Lulay?????????

he is still a lion

Same as last year. I’m sure we’ll see 'em a few times this season, maybe more… Unfortunately he’s now Buck Peirce type injury prone. 2011 was truly his time although last year when Jennings was first injured, Travis looked VERY good for a few games, especially the first game VS the bombers when Jennings got hurt early in the 1st. I reeeaaally enjoyed that game. :smiley:

If the Leos lose again in Winnipeg and Jennings doesn't look like he can grasp Jarious's offense, watch the Wally and Ed to make some serious enquiries as to the status of Travis's knee (Travis, team doctors etc). I won't say he's going to be "pressured" to return, but they're certainly going to enquire and make a pitch.

Jennings will need to pass for 300 yards+ for us to beat the Bombers.

Yep, fingers tightly crossed. It's very doable for Jennings, but.... It was against the bombers last year when Lulay came in early in the game coz of Jennings injury during the first drive? Travis broke a record that night. Looked like 2011 BC QB.

PS: I still have that game saved in my pvr. If they loose tomorrow I'll have to re-watch that goldon game.

Be nice to hear him roar. And of course to have prior warning of him roaring.


Jennings can pass for 300 yards, unfortunately his receivers are 296 yards downfield.

Travis Lulay gets the start under centre vs Winnipeg tomorrow night. Cool

Its about time.Never did like the jennings move right from his start.It was an attempt to garner younger fans and put butts in the seats.Coupled with jurious jackson and you have a disaster.We all see what happens.Manny is the go to guy.he doesnt get the ball enough.The greater part of the offence is too hip for Wally.I think he has lost the room.Too bad but thats whay happens when you have an age gap like that.Especially in the cfl.The connection is lost.Wallly may have stayed a season too long.If they dont turn this around starting right now.Kiss the season goodbye.I know Wally has pulled some incredible irons out of the fire but this time its right back into the fry pan.

I think it is too soon and it is going to backfire with Lulay getting re injured soon, and or not playing like everyone expects.