Travis Lulay?

Where does this former MOP end up? I think his starting days are over. Does he end up staying with the Lions as a back-up/mentor to Jennings? That is my guess. I actually see him becoming a very credible coach in a few years....if not sooner.

I think the Lions will do Lulay the courtesy of waiting until free agency to see if he gets any offers as a starter, then come in with a substantial backup QB offer. The Lions projected starter, 23-yr-old Jon Jennings is on an entry level contract (i.e. $80k + starting bonus) so the Lions should have lots of cap space to keep Travis in orange and black. All the eastern teams could probably use him but I doubt they could pry Lulay out of Vancouver with anything less than a $400k starting gig. :thup:

The only East team I could see having a particular interest in Lulay would be Montreal. As an affordable back-up, sure any team in the league would have at least some interest, but as a starter I think only Montreal and maybe Winnipeg would take a look.