Travis Lulay

I have been watching the highlights of the BC Lions games (don't get them in the US) and it looks like Travis Lulay was having a good game, but later in the game the QB (#1) got substituted and threw an interception at the end of the game. What's up with that? How come Lulay was removed?

Apparently he injured a finger on his throwing hand. Later on they said he would be able to go in. Why they didn't eventually put him in I've no idea.

Especially since Printers looked like a chicken running around with his head cut off as soon as any pressure came in the pocket. Printers looked panic and unsure under pressure while Lulay demonstrated confidence and continued to look down field under pressure.

What I noticed about Printers on the O/T interception was his release point.

Biggest change I noticed in him when he came back from the NFL and signed in Hamilton was that the NFL seemed to have messed with his release point on his passes, hence he was off-target a lot. When he resurfaced in BC, I thought Wally had gotten that corrected. But on that O/T interception, the problem resurfaced. His release point was off, hence the interception. When he does that it looks like, instead of following through forward on the pass, his arm goes downward.

The one thing I noticed once they put CP in was the whole teams confidence absolved. I think after a couple of plays they should have pulled him. If Lulay couldn't come back then put in JJ. I think we just saw the last of CP. Has no confidence , has forgotten how to scramble and to many turn overs.