Travis Lulay retires

Instead of reading about Dbag Manziel

Here is a lengthy yet heartfelt read from Travis,
A credit to both the CFL and the Community

Nice piece by Travis.
I suspect once he gets out of the mindset of playing he will move into coaching or a front office role.

Maybe in Vancouver or at his alma mater. I just hope he doesn’t get caught up in the nomad life of a lot of coaches. He’s been a real credit to Vancouver.

He’s a class act. I hope he stays in Vancouver where he’s well-known and loved.

Me too! I hope the Lions have the good sense to keep him on board in some capacity. If not coach (and it won’t be this year…Drew Tate is their QB coach), then as some type of brand ambassador. He is not only well known in this market, but well liked and well respected.

I do think he would make a great CFL broadcaster, but I don’t know that he wants to uproot his family to be in Toronto. He would make a terrific addition to the TSN panel though. Highly intelligent and very well spoken (he has worked extensively on Sportsnet’s GC coverage with Arash Madani).

Fantastic letter by Lulay . Definition of a Pro .

…A very good quarterback with most of the tools…just not built to take the heavy punishment…He is the epitome of ‘class act’ for sure and I hope as well he can find employment somewhere in football…He’s going to miss the game and the game definitely will miss him…Good luck to him

Very classy.


I always liked Lulay, and I hope he hangs around (preferably Vancouver) in a coaching role. I think he’d be good at it.
His retirement came perhaps a year or two late; those repeated injuries will likely cost him down the road. But he was an excellent player (when healthy), a real team player and a good sport. That’s a combination that can be surprisingly hard to find.

Best of luck for sure