Travis Lulay Job Suggestion

Rather than remaining a sideline cheerleader for his old team, the BC Lions, I think the league would be better served bringing such an honorable man and past great into the league as a special consultant to commissioner Randy Ambrosie.

Lulay could consult on a variety of matters including: player safety, CFLPA, roster ratios, Canadian QB development, contractual loopholes, officiating, much more.

Ambrosie also played the game - but more as a morose o-lineman in the 80s.

Lulay could also serve as past player ambassador to canadian colleges, high schools, sponsors, etc.

If Randy isn’t threatened by a guy like Lulay’s presence/stature the league should bring him aboard asap.


Consulting positions in the CFL are reserved for gently fired head coaches. Commish Ambrosie threatened by a retiree? You’re joking right?

I like Lulay, but what makes him qualified for most of this?

Lulay as forum Moderator.

From one high profile position to another.

I would magnanimously abdicate in order to make this happen.

you just want more nappin time :smiley:

One thing Lulay would add is pure honesty - he seems to be that type of guy. Sorely lacking in CFL oversight. Randy could take him under his wing as a business trainee so Lulay could learn business ops.

Randy would get the unvarnished truth from Lulay - plus insights he can’t get by canvassing GMs and head coaches, CEOs and corporate presidents.

As good a media presence as Randy, too! Randy has become a bit of a gas bag. Trav Lulay is slightly more reserved - more compact with his opinions - and probably could use a solid $100k - $140k salary (guaranteed) for 3 to 5 years.

Its been gold for Mike O’Shea.

Gold, Jerry, Gold !!! lol