Travis Lulay is the Lions superstar.

Imagine if Wally had had the guts to can Printers in training camp and started Lulay all along. I think the Lions would have been in the running for first place. Now, it is up to Lulay to prove last week was not a fluke and that he indeed is the one to lead the lions to the promised land. Would be a great story and prove Turkeybend knows his football better than most lions fans who mostly trashed my suggestion at the beginning of the season. :cowboy: :rockin: :oops:

If he stays healthy, we are looking at a true CFL superstar in the near future, no question.

a couple games ago people were saying he didn't deserve to start over Printers. calm down.. I love Lulay, but he's got a lot to prove yet.

Gee, Printers was the future when he started and won the MVP? How's that working put?

Lulay has a long ways to go to be a "superstar". Wait another 5 years min.

Precisely.13 passes completed to RB's and Arcenaux making some of the luckiest catches known to man.Perform like this 8-10+ times in a season and i'll believe his hype.I for one believe Lulay can do it, but I really don't believe Arcenaux is that fantastic.
On a different note, 5 sacks allowed and an INT.3 allowed by a guy who's been invisible throughout his Ticats career.Hmm...

I agree with Arcenaux. That guy still has a lot to prove. The dude is probably thinking about the NFL so much that he forgot how to catch a ball. All season long he has been dropping balls and finally he had a good game. Lulay shows that he has the tools to be a star in this league, but he will need a lot more time. Look at Durant? They are ragging him like crazy over there in riderville.