Travis Lulay has been activated to Play !!

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VANCOUVER -- The B.C. Lions have taken the first step towards discovering whether there is any chance injured quarterback Travis Lulay will return for the playoffs.

Monday, the team announced that they have placed him on the club's 46-man roster, making him eligible to practice this week.


Would be great to see Lulay back in the lineup. Would change the whole complection of the ESF. Here's hoping for small miracles

:cowboy: Dreaming that Lulay will play, let alone play well after being out so long is so absurd it defies comment. And, that is hard for me to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops: :rockin:

veeeery interesting!!!!!

maybe you should stick to your ranking and let the coaches coach :roll:

Kevin Glenn or some guy who played part of one game this year...hmm...

Lulay didn't look all that sharp when he "returned from injury" earlier this year. Suffering the exact same injury, missing the second half of the season, we are expected to believe he's ready to step in and take his team to the Cup?

Even if by some miracle they get past the Alouettes, Travis will finally be introduced to Tim Horton's Field, where no visiting QB has ever left with a win.


Preserve the sanctity of the East-West Grey Cup. Go Als! Go Cats!

Lulay's career is over.. He would give it his all for his final shot.. It would be like a solider who is fatally wounded..He would fight with all of his heart.

I would agree with you on that Bungle. I think his career is over too. After over a year of rehab he returned during this past season. It took just one rather innocent looking play to destroy his shoulder and put him out for the rest of the season. He's a fighter for sure and if there is a way to get back into the game he will try to find it.

Unfortunately, what happened when he took the helm the last time was predictable and sure enough the prediction came true.

I think the chances of seeing Travis playing in Montreal are zero, even if Glenn goes down and even if Lulay is given the green light to go. Now…. if by chance the Lions pull it off and beat the Als then Travis may play in the Eastern Final but I doubt it.

Lulay will be a back-up, nothing more.

A few months is normal for recovery from a minor shoulder injury that would have sidelined any quarterback. Surgery isn't always needed. As forecasted earlier, Lulay returns to backup underrated Glenn who has taken teams to playoff finals before.

Man, Hamilton fans are really trumpeting this line. Just so you guys know, every streak comes to an end. Remember when the Eskimos made the playoffs 34 consecutive times?

And what better way to lose your first home game then in the East final.

That would certainly humble a few people.

I never said Hamilton would win the East Final, only that B.C. would not beat them if Lulay plays.

The fact that Hamilton has never lost in their new stadium is just that: a fact.

Some people seem to be getting a little sensitive. Hamilton ends the season with six straight home wins for the first time since I learned to talk, and I can't mention it without people getting touchy.

Sorry, everybody. Ticat fans finally have something to be proud of, and I'm not going to be ashamed to boast about it. Fans of other teams have done this for years, and I've taken it in good humour. Now it's my turn, and until they lose at home (which they eventually will) I have no problem reminding everyone of this.

Who said his injury was minor? Last I read it was a re-tear of some of the damage from his injury last year, just not as extensive and he decided to forego surgery in hopes of being ready to still play this year through rehab. I wouldn't doubt he goes back and has surgery again this offseason.

At any rate, hard to imagine he sees significant playing time unless Glenn plays awful. Even then, how much can you exactly expect from him? Sure he's been throwing the ball, but he didn't exactly light it up in his first start back earlier this year in Ottawa. Playing him will be risky, in terms of 1. reinjuring his shoulder yet again because shoulders take a while to be completely back to normal, they just do because of their design, and 2. hard to know what to expect from him if/when he does get behind centre. At any rate, even a dinged up version of the Lulay that struggled in Ottawa earlier this year before his reinjury is a better backup option than Beck IMO. I find BC as a whole to be quite the wild card in the race because they've been so pretty up and down all season.

I agree, I think Lulay will only see time in the Eastern Semi-Final game In Montreal on Sunday if Glenn get injured or pulled and if he does he could be on his final legs as a Lion if BC Loses.

The Semi-Final should be a good game and probably more of a defensive performance, Montreal has won games but not scored many points, Crompton has yet to record a 300 yard passing game, while Glenn can light up the passing yards if he gets his head in the game and off to a good start.

Should be a good test between two QB's and if Lulay get's a shot or not?