Travis Lulay for John Manziel


Altough the strategy ‘‘having a veteran while developping a prospect’’ is logic in theory, the Alouettes have tried it since 2015 without any good results. Even if Lulay is a good assurance for the Als, they have given too much to acquire Manziel for trading him right now.

Hopefully the CFL protects and keeps Manziel, as he is a potential treasure. Give him time to learn the game, and don’t let him get injured or quit. Good luck to him.

Lulay might help Montreal this year. He is a veteran leader, though prone to injury. Montreal needs to keep trying to find answers. Lulay is a good fit.

Why would the Lions want to make that trade?

Lulay is not a good fit, and he wouldn’t help Montreal this year.

Weak offensive line; poor receiving corps; starting running back is now out; defensive line poor; secondary mediocre at best. The Als are going nowhere this season, regardless of who is playing quarterback.

Quick answer : They wouldn’t…full stop .End of discussion .

A question I`ve asked myself is should the Als have sucked it up in what was going to be a lost season no matter who the QB was, and go after Jonathon Jennings in free agency. Rather than trading for Manziel.

Jennings has obviously lost his confidence, but surely hasn`t lost all his talent.

Lulay at the end of his career, maybe one more year to play. Traded for a guy whose career
was over AGAIN last week, with no arm, pocket sense, over paid, lacks real leadership.

Doesn’t make sense at all!!! However at seasons end Lulay for Pipkin is a case.
However Lulay would never join Montreal unless it was in a coaching position.
Pipkin at least has good hope of major development. Montreal knows this. Now they need a backup QB.

This is a stupid thread.

Jennings would be a better trade for a team in need of a future QB. I don’t see JM as a long term solution for the Als. He wants to get back to the NFL and the limelight in the US. Jennings I see as a long term CFL QB.

NO!!! :wink:

That Antonio Pipkin looked promising for Montreal. The problem is their receivers drop way too many passes

For the first time in five years. QB isn’t the biggest problem for that Montreal team. They need to rebuild their receivers, Defensive line and a couple holes in the defensive backfield and a kicker !

All those are bigger needs at this point. At the speed Joe Mack is finding talent, they may never get there.

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