Travis Lulay facemask call

I was at the EdmontonLions game on Sat, I think it was the 3rd quarter when Lulay was rolling out and was about to be tackled when it appeared to me that he reached up and grabbed his own face mask. The ref threw a flag on the play and Edmonton was assessed the penalty. They only showed the replay once on the in house monitor, I was wondering if TSN had picked up on it or am I mistaken and seen somthing that wasn't there.

no someone definitely grabbed his facemask, I can't remember but I think it was #35 for the Esks.

The play happened about 4 minutes into the 4th quarter. I didn't catch the replay at the game, but saw it on the TSN site when i watched the game again early this morning. You can go to and skip ahead to 7:20 of the clip to see the play. You don't really catch the facemask from the angle they had live, but you do see Travis grab his own mask to readjust it. But the replay they show after, clearly shows that #35 grabbed the mask. Right call by the refs.

Is there a penalty for grabbing your own facemask? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey thanks for the link ya definitely a face mask on #35 on the in house score clock they didnt show that angle and only the part where lulay grabbed his mask its funny because the even showed a close up of it.

I remember the play vividly. I said to my season ticket partner and he agreed: I'd never seen a player help the ref on a call before being tackled to the ground. It was hilarious. He wanted to make sure the ref made the call, so tugged on it while yelling for a penalty.....before he went down.

That's a first. Normally, guys do that stuff when they get up, not as they're going down!

I thought that's something new and smart on Lulay's part. to grab his facemask and the other team gets the penalty. He may be on to something here.

That's a first. Normally, guys do that stuff when they get up, not as they're going down!
That what it looked like to me ... right at the end of the PI slow motion video on page 6 of the Refs Screw Ticats thread ... he's already looking towards the ref and throwing is arm(s) up :D

But I think Calvillo gets the award for penalty force of the year when he was going out of bounds and a BC player ((I think it was BC vs Mtl) was holding onto him. As they're going out of bounds AC takes a dive, the BC player was trying to hold him up and couldn't so he landed on top of AC out of bounds and got a major penalty. Even the wife was impressed with his wily ways on that one.