Travis Claridge

Just watched the Memorial for Travis ( #57 in our hearts )on CH Sportscope. IMHO it was very well done, Thanks Ti-Cats........... :rockin:

It was the same one showen at the game without all the booing for the Argos.

Thanks, CH. I was still waiting in line to get in when the tribute played Friday night, so it was nice to see CH play it straight through tonight.

Is it possible for it to be posted here on the I only caught the tail-end of it myself! Thanks!

Adam is going to be posting it here sometime this week, woody.

Thanks bg - I got to the stadium just in time for the National Anthem, so I missed the tribute.

Just as well. It was shameful that such a touching and well produced piece was presented in such a distortedly stretched out fashion on the Tigervision.

I don't understand how we have one the best scoreboards anywhere, and it continually shows a grossly distorted picture. What's up with that?

I really wish I had seen the tribute on CH.

Kudos for the tribute and to those who produced it.

Darts for how it was presented.

Did people seriously boo the Argos on the way in?

B/C I was sitting in the end zone and all I heard was the occasional whisper but no verbal addressing of the Argos from where I was sitting as people were watching the Tribute

The Travis tribute is now available on in the video gallery section of the website.

Thanks Scotty :thup:

Wow...Thank You so much...what a great tribute! :thup: :thup: