Travelpat fudges world cup ratings grey cup wins again!!

Bbm finally updated the site

FIFA World Cup 2014 was not 4.9 million like travelpat tried to claim.

Actual World cup ratings

For the Final game World Cup 2014:
4.2 million viewers

Grey Cup 2013:
4.5 plus an unknown amount of quebec viewers

Grey Cup wins

TravelPat once again spewing out false information

My source is real BBM Canada

BBM Canada doesn't exist.
Do you mean Numeris?

As long as we're being accurate.

Yes Numeris but i said BBM because people are more familiar with that source name

LOL. . . that's like saying "I read it in The Spectator. . . no, actually I read it in the Mohawk College newsletter but I said the Spec because more people are familiar with that name."

It does seem that Pat goes out of his way to pump the tyres of other sports ,other then the CFL .but this is a funny way of calling BS by BSing

This is the official site:
3.4 million for the WC on English Canada

[url=] ... lTop30.pdf[/url]

The two big football games in Canada
GC 4.5 M

[url=] ... lTop30.pdf[/url]

and the Big One the SB
at 7.3M

[url=] ... lTop30.pdf[/url]

Wow! My first thread named after me. I feel so privileged - even though it's a lie. lol

I didn't 'fudge' anything. My source for the 4.9 million was from BBM's (now called Numeris) overnight ratings as per Chris Zelkowich who puts out a weekend TV ratings sports blog. Same blog we have been using for CFL ratings last season and this.

[url=] ... 21132.html[/url]

Also this release from CBC

[url=] ... -mill.html[/url]

Yesterday's Germany vs. Argentina Final was the most-watched match of the tournament with more than 4.9 million viewers watching on CBC

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ has come to an end and Canadians have shown that soccer is more popular now than ever by consuming more coverage of this year's tournament than any other in the past. Nearly 89 per cent of the population (30.7 million Canadians) tuned in to at least some coverage of the tournament from June 12th-July 13th on CBC/Radio-Canada or its broadcast partners across all platforms, compared to 86 per cent in 2010. Of those 30.7 million people, 6.6 million (or one-in-five Canadians) tuned in to watch a live game online.

Also note that the link above that Slimjim provided with 3.2 million viewers it is important to note that was not the average number of just the final but it was the average for the two semi-final games, 3rd place game and final - the average for all four of those games. That is noted by the days of the week column where for 'FIFA 2014 World Cup' where under the 'Weekday' column it denotes programming on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday - for those four games.

As much as I love fudge - chocolate moreso that maple - I didn't fudge anything when it comes to TV ratings - every number I used fully sourced.

Can we see your source for your 4.2 million number vanhalen..?

Yes, Travelpat was right 4.9 million for the final game, the BBM ratings was the average for the games that week.
Why shoot the messenger? and who cares if it outdrew the GC?
What was not calculated or estimated was the amount of people that watched in bars/street parties etc. I'm sure that would bring the numbers to well over 5.5 million for the final game.

[url=] ... g-and-how/[/url]

I think the fact that the Grey Cup is even in the same ballpark as World Cup ratings is pretty impressive. Canada has lots of immigrants who grew up with soccer in the old country so its hardly a surprise it drew such good ratings. I suspect once you factor in the other channels that were showing the games, the numbers would be even higher.