Travelling to Edmonton. Looking for advice.

As in the title, I'll be travelling to Edmonton in early June. I'll be busy for most of the time I'm there, but in case I have some free time, does anybody want to offer me any tips on what I should go to see while I'm there? I'll be staying at the U of A campus. Any tips on the best (cheapest, easiest) way to get from the airport to campus? Any other pointers?

(I'm hoping the mods will tolerate a non-football topic).

I've only been to Edmonton once, sadly (bought my Oilers jersey at the West Edmonton Mall), but one thing I didn't get to check out that I would've loved to, the Wayne Gretzky statue. :thup:

I assumed because you were both an Oilers and an Eskies fan that you were from Edmonton, and just a transplant to London. Huh.

I'll be sure to get a picture with the Great One. :thup:

I'm not from Edmonton either, been there more than a few times while I was working in Slave Lake. Mind you I had some problems on which roads to take while driving around the city. Anyway PiCat; check out the above link.

Not sure what you enjoy…but whyte ave, close to UA, is a great stroll with shops, food,music and fun…very vibrant and full of evening action.
and just down from UA is the river valley with a walk through the entire city…probably the best use of a natural resource as there is in Canada
there is a bus that takes you into Edmonton from the airport…but ask around the luggage terminal and see if anyone wants to share a cab…(I hate buses)

Nah, I've just a weird bias for Edmonton. :lol: If you get a pic, post it here. :thup:

It's a shame your trip is in early June. You won't even be able to take in the Eskimos' pre-season game.

If you have time to travel downtown, take the LRT from university station to central station, take the escalator up behind the sign listing 'Scotia Place' as a destination. Follow the signs from there, until you get to the food court. Your destination is one 'Chicken for Lunch.' A fast-food place might not seem all that special at first glance, but you won't find a better value for lunch downtown than what Amy Quon provides, nor someone with her bubbly personality to dish it up for you. Just tell her I referred you, and you'll get taken care of! :smiley:

Best time to avoid the line is before 11:30AM, after that its guaranteed busy any time of the week, but esp. thursday and friday when the line can have 100+ in it at any given time.

At over $6 for a small I sure would hope that Chicken will be dancing in my mouth :smiley: