Travelling to away games in 2023

I bought my ticket today for the July game in Hamilton. I’ll be going to the August game in Toronto. And apparently I’m on the fan bus to the game in Montreal in October. So its shaping up to be a fun CFL season for me.

Anyone else travelling to games this coming season?


A bit more difficult for Lion’s fans. I tried driving across Canada but the best I could do was 2 games over that 7 week period.


Usually go a game in Edmonton and CowTown every year. Eventually hope to take in a game in the Bomber’s Areodrome …just not the Banjo bowl… We might have only posted a win once or twice there on that date :rose:

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So true. I’m lucky to live so close other CFL cities

I still haven’t been to a game in Winnipeg, or in Alberta.

Wait for Cowtown to get a new stadium… The current one should be condemned

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In all truthfulness, the old Taylor field was just as bad

Ticat fan here… a few buddies and myself are doing the Ottawa/Montreal Road trip Canada Day Weekend to Ottawa and Montreal following up with BC/Toronto on the Montreal for 3 CFL games in 4 days lol

thats my plan next year to do 2 Alberta games in 1 week if the schedule permits or 2 in a week

That would be the way to do it.

That’s awesome!