travelling fan

My wife and I are planning to attend a CFL game in every stadium this season. We have our itinerary tentatively planned, but wondering about a couple of things;

  1. How do we lock up game tickets this early?
  2. Has anyone done this before, and do you have any suggestions?
    (just as an aside, I am an Eskimo fan and my wife is a Calgary fan - but we love the CFL).

You guys are awesome and like myself, there must be many envious CFL'ers.

I know I'm a little green.....excellent plan, reg.....

best way to lock up game tickets is to go to each teams site and find out when their tickets go on sale buy them online or on the phone.

I have done this before, last year being a good example. I got to see the all 9 Lions games at home + 3 in Edmonton (one vs Sask) + 1 in Calgary + 1 in Regina + 1 in Winnipeg vs Sask + 1 in Ottawa.

I have been to every stadium except Montreal but hope to get there soon.

To lock up tickets for any Argos game, follow these steps.

  1. Refer to the schedule for the game you wish to see.
  2. book your hotel in Toronto for the selected game day
  3. On game day, 1 hour before game time, go to the Stadium box office and buy tickets.
  4. enjoy

hahaha. Horus! thats pretty funny

It has been a goal of mine, over the course of my lifetime, to see the Ticats play in every CFL stadium, though I still have yet to see them play outside of Ontario (hey, I'm still young -- relatively speaking.) But to get to every stadium in one year, that's an ambitious undertaking.

If you're making the trip to Hamilton (I can't believe I'm saying this) I would get my tickets early, because Ivor Wynne holds less than 30,000, and the place has been filled to near capacity in the past couple of years. An improved team this year would probably push those numbers to several sellouts over the course of the season. If you're coming for Labour Day, I'd buy them about a month in advance, because it should sell out early.

Good luck, and enjoy your travels.