Traveling from Boston

My son and I hope to travel from Boston to Montreal on Monday, October 14th to attend the game between Montreal and Winnipeg. We have watched the game on TV but we have never attended a game in person.

  1. How far is the Stadium from the Airport?

  2. What will traffic be like on Game Day?

  3. If we arrive in Montreal from Boston at 8:30am on gameday will we have to rent a car for the day to get from the Airport to the Stadium?

  4. If we take an 8:00pm flight from Montreal back to Boston the same day, will we have any problems getting from the Stadium to the Airport on time to check in for our flight home?

We have been Season Ticket Holders for the New England Patriots for the past 23 seasons so we know and understand the NFL and its rules very well. Now, we would like to experience a CFL game at Percival Molson Stadium.

Any help regarding a trip to Montreal for a game would be greatly appreciated.

Only recommendation would be to make it a weekend trip,if your schedule allows coming in Saturday morning instead of Sunday. Wish you great weather. Its a completely different experience from Gillete.

Thanks for your timely responses to my questions.

We cannot come in for the weekend or arrive on Sunday since we have a 4:25pm game that Sunday at Gillette Stadium vs New Orleans and there is no way we could get to Logan Airport even for a very late flight since the game won 't be over until 7:30pm or so. The game on 10/14 is really the best option we have considering all of the Alouettes' remaining home games and our Patriots schedule/family gatherings.

Wow, what a great weekend. :thup: