Traveling for food

How far/time would you travel round trip to pickup a favored food?

Chinese food is not my favorite but I do like it a lot. We have a favorite place that is way up the highway from us. We are about to go there in rush hr traffic and expect it will take 2 - 3 hours. Finally get to take my new truck on a mini road trip :slight_smile:

Were you watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle lol


no thank you :slight_smile:

For me it depends more on the hassle of the traffic than it does the distance. I'd love to drive say an hour each way on country roads with few stops on comfortable, clear night to stop at a great spot and then drive on back with the great music on again.

This is harder to do than ever in my life. I blame GPS because more people know all these side roads than ever any more.
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...isnโ€™t 2-3 hours round trip in the lower mainland pretty much the norm for anything?

well, we went from north Delta to east Abbotsford and back in about 2 1/2 hrs. Even had time to let my wife get about 15 minutes practice in the truck in a big church parking lot.


One hour round trip is my limit.