Trash Talkin' Riders' Fans

It's kind of funny - I've been reading stuff from Riders Fans that are talking about how the Lions fans are maybe a bit arrogant and overconfident about this year's team.

That said, it seems the Rider Nation that has been making the bold predictions - yes, the Riders look good, but how good? I quess we'll see tonight.

I think this series is going to be a struggle the whole year through, so you Trash talkin' Riders' Fans, until at least two games have been played between these two, keep things in perspective.

Lions by 10


Hey man I am A major Rider fan. I just want you to know that we are not ALL cocky and arrogant.

But we are damn proud, just like any football team fans.

There is nothing about Saskatchewan that makes us any different.

Except the last time our team loooked this good was about 1988.

The season is too young for me to be cocky. Give me a little time and maybe i can fit into your generalization.

i lived in sask for a few months. there fans are crazy (read amazing) its not like they have an nhl team to cheer for, or anything really to do all summer, They are proud, and im happy for them, i almost wish they had a team worth cheering for.

Yeah, i understand were u are coming from with the bold predictions and all, but dont paint us all with the same brush.

Yeah, im a huge Rider fan, and i cheer for them to win every week, but ive never siad they are going to win the cup this year or that they are the best team in the league. It is a transition year in Riderville, and those 2 wins boosted the fans egos, and the huge loss ur BC Lions handed us sent them back down to earth.

And i actually agree with you that some fans have been arrogant, and from a true Prider, i apologise for them.

It is so funny how everyone is so quick to rain on the Rider parade. I will always be an avid Rider fan, win or lose. It is a Pride that lives deep within us, and we thrive on the belief that we will again be Grey Cup Champions. It doesn't really matter when, because we will love our team always. We always have the potential, we just have to capitalize on it. I am really tired of all of the negativity projected from the commentators on TSN and everyone else. I can't blame anyone for cheering their team on, but don't mud-sling at mine; I am all for a little friendly rivalry, but everyone lately has been over the top. Watch out for us, we will hit you when you least expect it!

Lol living here in Sask and not being a Rider fan gives you quite the perspective. All you have to do is listen to the Drew Remenda sport show after a win and you will find the Grey Cup parade route. Rider fans are a joke, it is essentially a bandwagon jumping fury, one win and everyone is pumped, one loss and they all want to kill everyone.

Yup, good thing to know people keep things in perspective and don't paint us all with the same brush.....

I know jm doesn’t need me to defend her, but I will, and a few others, jman, sambo, roughyfan to name a few.

Like every city, each team has a few posters that are filled with hot air and like to get everyone all worked up. One comes to mind for our team too. You just have to look at who it is and take it with a grain of salt.

rider fans are not a joke, and if you talked to any reeal rider fan which is most of sask, and lots all over canada you would see we don't jump the bandwagon. we always support our team. you look at almost any other team when they are losing or having a bad season and their fan numbers are way down. people may leave sask but they stay rider fans, and that is why the roughriders are canada's team

The Roughriders are not Canada's team. Something with, oh, let's say, the name "Team Canada" would be Canada's team.

I really wish people would quit saying that.

Have to agree with jm - saying any given team is "Canada's Team" in any sport that has a league consisting of regional teams just infers arrogance.

Used to really bug me when the Dallas Cowboys were called "America's Team" - what is that saying? That anyone who roots for a team other than that is not patriot or befitting of being called a citizen of that country?

The Roughies are a good team with lots of great fans across the country, but they are NOT Canada's Team.