Trash talk and Arius

Not pro or con Arius, but he has been accused of trash talking this past week. All the threads are still alive so could someone get some examples and post them here? I don't recall him doing any but as accusations have been made, it would be nice to see them backed up.

Ive had many battles with Arius myself, but I do respect what he has to say. RLR accuses him of trash talking, only because RLR needs someone to deflect attention away from himself. I have not seen Arius trash talk leading up to yesterday's game. If anyone did any trash talking, its RLR.

:lol: :lol: Thats my buddy Red good humor there!


The man knows how to trash talk!

Actually, I don't use the garbourator because I have a nice big compost pile.
I add earth worms (I find the red wigglers to be the best) and it doesn't take very long to get a lovely bit of fresh earth.
I have a chipper, so dealing with branches and twigs is real easy.

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hehehe. Just like I thought. Wonder what would happen if I asked for teh same thing re: RLR?

Well I would not bring up trash in Vancouver right now!

Ya let's leave the garbage issue in Vancouver alone! It's a pretty touchy subject here these days!

Guess that's why you're trying to spread so much of it all over here, eh? :wink:

I'm not gonna swear I've never trash talked about the Leos or any other team....
But it isn't something I normally do.
I never make predictions. I do talk about expectations which are very different.
If I do occasionally say any "trash" it is usually in good fun, or in direct response to something someone else says.
But I honestly don't recall saying anything about the game this week.

I'm just as excited as BigU to see if anyone can find some quotes of me trash talking about this game.
It's like Christmas....

I vouche for you Arius. It seems to many of us take it way to serious. Now the Riders do su-ck lately. And yes Burris is out and the Stamps played like crap. :lol:

why must you get into the personal attacks? it only leads to being banned

What? I stick up for Arius now this Chewy you know better then that. Arius is a good debater. I like the fact he gives out some pretty dam good digs gets me going. Keep up the good work Arius. :lol:

You make it too easy sometimes, but you do entertain me.
I suspect having the Smilin' One down for the count has made you a tad snarlier than normal.
I can't say I have a ton of sympathy for Hank, but one never wants to see players injured.
And he was actually likely playing the best football of his career....

I dont get some of you people saying other people are trash talking. What is everyone supposed to say everything is great both teams were great yay both teams YAY EVERYTHING oh that would be fun . I think we are all CFL fans first who cares what happens I watch all the games. It isnt going to change my life wether BC wins or loses just as long as the CFL is around. God people are just trying to have some fun.

Get well soon Hank, never want to see a team's best player go down with a serious injury. As a Lions fan, I know I'd much rather watch the Lions play a healthy Stamps team than one with Akili as your QB. At least he'll finally get his chance to shine next Saturday.

No not really. Yes it is to bad Burris is hurt but you have to move on. He was putting up some decent football. But now as a Stamp fan we get to see how good this team will do with a second stringer in there. It may get ugly no one knows but hey that is football. Thats funny I entertain you I should charge. You make me laugh regularly sort of the exlax of the cfl forum.

Yes one would hope he gets it together after all he is paid to come in when Hank goes down. I look at this way I now have an buitl in excuse. Injuries~)

Bobby you got a lot to learn my friend. Lots to learn.