Translated coverage:Oline Brodeur-Jourdain Coach Himebauch

I realise there are a lot of English speaking fans hungry for some news on the Als. So I'll try something new with translated media pieces, using a draft of google translator and some quick edits. Please let me know if this is of interest as I go along and I'll do it if people read and comment.

It is this year or never Link

If this dosen't work, it will mean the end of your career as a professional player. There is no farm team, no scout team. "

Luc Brodeur-Jourdain knows what is in store for him. The colossus 26 year old graduate of Laval University. This means that unlike last year, the Rouge et Or is no longer an option. He must be noticed.

It is rather difficult not to see him. It is not enough that his legs are the size of redwood trunks. For those who keep their heads high, how can we not notice the endless surname, covering an entire hemisphere of his jersey?

The new coach of the offensive line, has noticed other qualites.

"Luke is very intelligent, and that's what it takes on the offensive line," said Jonathan Himebauch, replacing Vince Martino. he must be to adjust the position of center. "

Drafted as a guard, Brodeur-Jourdain gradually discovers the crucial center position. He is not completely new to the position, but he admits that his experience is limited.

"I played three games as a center last year in Laval, because of injuries. But I always have to watch a guy like Bryan Chiu see everything he does, how he makes his calls. "

From the outside, the pride of Saint-Hyacinthe seems enviable position. At 34 years, Chiu has more years behind him than ahead. But Brodeur-Jourdain rejects this analytic scheme.

"I want to earn my spot, and deserve to keep it. These are my goals, not to look at who is there, or for how many years. "

Nevertheless there is more space inside the line that ends where the young legs of Josh Bourke (26 years) and Jeff Perrett (25 years) are well established.

With the departure of Dave Mudge (retired) and Luke Fritz (free agent), two positions are available for young wolves. Andrew Woodruff, holder of a long term contract, Dylan Steenbergen, first choice of the Alouettes in May, and Brodeur-Jourdain there are a number of candidates.

A humble coach...

With the 2008 season experienced by the Alouettes, Himebauch does not need to be a messiah in Montreal.

The team of Marc Trestman has dominated the circuit for points per game (32.4), yards per game (428.8) and fewest sacks made (22). In addition, the front on the offensive player with excellent offensive line in 2008, Scott Flory.

As the English maxim, If it ain't broke don't fix it...

"There is a long tradition here to have good veterans on the offensive line, says Himebauch. There is a group of players working together for a long time on the inside, Paul (Lambert), Bryan (Chiu) and Scott (Flory). When I arrived here, I wanted the players grow in groups. I am not here to change things.

"Every coach has his style. But it is the attack on Marc (Trestman) and Scott (Milanovich, the offensive coordinator). "

"Himebauch is young, he has a lot of energy, but he is feeding off of us," said Paul Lambert.