Transition my @ss!

This is brutal if we started out 0-3 because of a coaching transition, we would've allowed 114 points and only scored 56, the games would have been with in 10 points each, this is crap if we start off 0-5 I hope we clean out coaching staff (with possibly the exception of Hall) and can taman! I'm tired of this! And just play the rest of the season for pride and gear up for next season. yeah everybody i know 3 games in but look at the scores. I'm glad the NFL is settling their Lockout, for the sake of my football sanity I have a NFL team to fall back on... Go Seahawks!

Is the nfl lockout officially off? I haven't been following it. Or are you just passing on rumours?

They're saying there is going to be an agreement (in principle) by early next week... And as of right now not one game is going to be lost from pre-season nor regular season

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Lol i feel really bad for you, the Seahawks are terrible! :thdn:

Haha well if Pete Carroll where to ever be fired, I'd hope he came down to the Roughriders, we need some emotion on this team! And hey! where one Free Agent QB signing away from being a playoff contender so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

The Seahawks suck, nothing else needs to be said lol

They have a good punter.

Seahawks and Riders?? You maybe waiting a LONG time to celebrate a championship team. Keep the faith!!

We have a good punter too,, and that seems to be the extent of it ,.,.,.,.,. right now

...while I think chances are pretty good that the riders lose to Montreal this weekend and sit 0-4 come Monday I wouldn't be so cavalier to think the horseys trot into Regina walk away with the W on the 30th...especially if we get beaten up by Edmonton this weekend...

Look at guys like Getzlaf and Freeman making big plays down by 30 in the 4th. Emotion is one thing this club DOES have.

Don't think Edmonton will win this one quite so easily. I was impressed with your defense last week and burris is a vet, so i'm confident he can hang with Ray in the offense department as well. :wink: Predicting a shootout win by Calgary and potentially game of the week honors! Good luck!