Transactions, May 13, 2016

Nationals WR Alex Carrol, RB Brandon Deschamps and FB Carl Fitzgerald were released. Seems pretty odd. Deschamps seemed to be a guy that would likely stick...perhaps on PR...from the presence of Walters. Fitz I don't really have concerns on, but there is only Moore left I believe. Carrol is a shame...he seems like a really solid WR, and I have always thought he had potential. Some of these might be temporary moves...who knows.

Norwood was made official....really like this move

Clarence Denmark was signed....not a fan of that move. Don't get me wrong, he is a solid WR....but I would rather gamble on someone new. Seems like perhaps they are set on having a vet come in and this is a Price replacement. I can understand the desire to start the season with a vet out there I guess. Hoping this is a camp competition thing, but I don't think it is. Don't hate having him around, but still not a fan of the move....he is a guy who has proven he can play inside and take the contact...those are harder to find and i suppose respectable insurance

another WR in Alec Lemon

While fairly disappointed on Carroll being released I will say that Haidara MIGHT have a little more upside. I also know that there are a couple nationals from the minis down south that they want to sign. From what I heard they outdid many of the Internationals down there.

No worries I keep hearing Jones knows how to build a team. Heck Jones probably gave Denmark a signing bonus too you know so it pads his retirement fund a bit more which will probably be next week

holy smoke, finally someones elses name on a topic

by all more.
this has been one of the more interesting off-seasons in Rider history and there is not much being said.

we don’t need to post, you seem to have all the answers, I just read yours

Wow while I obviously don't see eye to eye on some of depops post I also respect his right to posts how he feels,just as I respect your rights to post also, but there is no reason to get nasty about it either.

Depop does post a lot and so do I and you could also. In fact I wish more would post even if you don't agree with me or depop for that matter.

Yes depop it has been a very active off season and I wish I could be as optimistic about this season and all the changes that have taken place, but sadly that isn't how I feel.

Yes again it's been no secret about how I feel about losing Dressler and Chick but as angry as that has made me what really has me as upset is the handling of some of the other moves too.

Price was a flat out botch job from the word go. First we trade for him when it was obvious and in fact all ready announced that he was going to be cut. Oh sure we didn't give up big name players to do the deal but still Jones has egg on his face for even giving up anything when it wasn't necessary. If Huff or Austin would have done this I would be laughing my butt off for their stupidity. Instead lucky us Jones just had to jump the gun and waste a couple of draft picks. To throw salt in the wound Price gets a bonus of 30 k (sorry I still see it as 60 k the 30 we spent plus that is money we don't have to entice another good player or it would cost us another 30 k, so yes 60 k) then watch him stick it to us before the ink even dried on the contract. Now I know that Jones can't read minds but he has bragged about his ability to read people, well he sure didn't have his crystal ball working on this one. The flag that went up in my mind is no one else was clamoring to get Price either, that should have been an indication that something wasn't right. With Chick and Dressler while they didn't sign right away I honestly don't think it was because no one was interested but more of them weighing the offers and see what best suit them. Sure they didn't sign for the money they were getting here but more then Jones was offering also. Price on the other hand I don't think had any real takers besides us and obviously the other GM's knew something Jones didn't. That is what I call a botch job.

Yes losing Carroll in my opinion also hurts, how much I guess time will tell.

Keep on posting Depop as I said I may not agree with you on everything but I respect your opinions. That is what keeps thing interesting too. :slight_smile:

Like Jimmy said, keep posting, Depop.

I tend to agree more with Depop on the season outlook. I don't have his inside look at things, so my take is based more on intuition, so I tend to post less, as my opinions carry less credibility since I can't back them with facts.

That said, I follow peoples' posts the same way I would follow any CFL insider on TSN, with an eye to the insights.

Contrary views and debate are what this board is here for. Discouraging anyone from posting is counter to that purpose.

I too could post more often and will - training camp is 13 days away, 25 days till pre-season then into the season.

I guess some don't comprehend that the concept of a chat forum is to sad. I post lots because I want to see the forum active....why would I for 1 second feel bad about that. Sometimes I post just to attempt getting something going. Sometimes I have something I know about the team that many won't but say nothing because the board is not very active and I am already posting lots.

no offence meant, it seems like no ones posting either because it's the off season or their waiting for the season to start, or maybe they just like the old forum ???? neverthe less i'm sure it will pick up the first catch dressler scores against us .

lol yes ed I'm sure that when Dressler is in town it will not go unnoticed. Just imagine how ugly it would get if he scored the winning td against us in the LDC. Ouch now that would be poetic justice (the little receiver that Jones didn't want) and it would be very interesting to see the Rider fan's reaction. Would he receive thunderous applause or boos? My money is on he would get a massive cheer. Jones on the other hand may be looking for a hole in the ground to escape the sure to follow jeers and heckling. That in itself may be worth it as tough as it would be to see the Bombers win.

Oh and as far as the old forum compared to this one? I agree the other one had a more homey feel to it for whatever reason.

I don't post a whole lot either at this point and join those who can't wait till the season starts as then there will be visible proof/facts to back up some of the posts/opinions.
I've said it from the beginning, I like what Jones has done and is doing. I watched the Riders for 50 years and I can tell you I've seen Stars come/being made and I've seen Stars go/Retiring and being traded.
As far as the old guard and stars that were let go, I like it; I think the money freed up allows for new stars to be made/found.
I've read some stuff from US media on Alec Lemon and I think this guy although not a national is a "sleeper" and I like the signing as well as the other 2 this week as well.
I've also said the only concern I have with Jones is his tendency to look south more then the Nationals here in Canada.
But again how the 2016 season unfolds will support the moves or Not.
GO RIDERS GO!!! :cowboy:

It is supposedly a very Rider friendly contract, very low and based on performance bonus. I have heard some unofficial numbers that I was shocked by.

All I can say right now, it was a dang shame we lost Dressler, then we lost Smith... bad move on jones part, will we have a team that can win games, we will soon know, I am not so sure it will be a good season, I hope we do, but way to much change, even in places that where not broke... that will cost us... let the season begin!!

And I wish I could go to Riderville and get on OUR FORUMS from there, not here. That may be why some have stopped posting, besides the bad player moves!

I concur