Transactions June 22nd.

9 players were cut.

IMP DB Milt Collins
NIP DT Garlins Duclervil
IMP WR Chris Duvalt
NIP FB Tyrell Francisco
IMP DB Clem Johnson
IMP OL Belton Johnson
NIP WR Glenn MacKay
NIP K/P Josh Maveety
IMP DB Woodny Turenne

I guess it wasn’t a good day to be a Johnson .
Surprised to see Collins & Duvalt gone.
Also, Belton Johnson was surprising - maybe a Canadian took his spot?
Ditto for Glen Mackay, if we have the other 2 new studs…

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Who knows if any of these players will be added to the practice roster. They all have to be released first and then clear waivers before that can happen.

I'm a little disappointed with some of these moves (I hate cuts totally though). I really though McKay had a great camp.

I hate cuts too.......

I know which team won the Field goal game out in Winnipeg on Wednesday. I am sure the Peg will be looking at Maveety.

Oskee wee wee

Reading between the lines, or should that be listening between the sentences, of the Coach's post cuts scrum, I believe he indicated that none of the released 9 would be added to the PR. Cortez also said they couldn't locate an unidentified player who is to be the 10th cut once they find him. He also seemed to indicate that the 10th cut would be the last. Then, there will still be 16 players who have to go somewhere other than the 46-man Active Roster. I believe it's still a maximum of 7 can be put on the PR, so that leaves 9 who still have to moved from the Active Roster to {pick any of the following possibilities} Injured, Disabled, Suspended, Retired or returning to a college team.

Where the hell is he hiding?? Maybe Cortez should check under his bed in the dorm rooms at Mac.

Milt Collins. I'll TAKE HIM!

And I guess that means Congi made the squad. Good on him. He was treated badly here is Sask in my opinion. Too bad next week he won;t be able to kick the winning FG against the team that kicked him to the curb. Cats should have a 20 point lead by the 4th quarter.

I wonder who the player is and where he's hiding? Guess he decided not to pick up his phone this afternoon.

Wit the release of Belton Johnson today, it now stands that among the 42, as yet unidentified, players who will dress in a week to play the Roughriders there will be a maximum of 23 (55%) who were dressed in last year's Eastern Final. That's a lot of change! And, all 4 of the Reserves, from the Eastern Final Roster are also gone.

Admittedly, there are a few surprises there.

While Collins and Turenne (and possibly Duvalt) may find employment elsewhere, Maveety, who played quite well in PS, may be the odd man out due to limited PK positions in the league.

I wonder who the 10th player released will be. Anybody want to guess? I'm thinking Aaron Kelly or TJ Harris.

$20 bucks says its Brian Simmons ... I thought he looked very average the other night and was surprised Belton Johnson was released before he was.

You are right … PR guys are the absolute last cuts of camp.

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani Have learned TJ Harris, infamously signed by the #Ticats on the eve of the #CFL East Final last November, has been cut by Ham. #CFL #Bombers
And there it is, number 10.

As much as I wish it did, this doesn't surprise me. He looked like the odd-man out at every camp practice I attended and he didn't get a lot of work during games. I had high hopes that he could be a star for the Cats, but with all the talent the team has at that position, Jeffers-Harris became expendable.

Aaron Kelly's a bum, why couldn't we axe him instead of TJH, at least he can catch a football :roll:

I'm also not sold on Aaron Kelly. I couldn't figure out why they went with Kelly over Grant at the start of last year. He has the size, but doesn't have the hands or adjust very well to the ball.


Special teams and team dynamics are likely the reason why. Aaron Kelly is quite a bit bigger then TJH, which helps during special teams tackles, but really, who knows. Keep also in mind, many of these talented last minute receiver cuts are so that they don't have the time to catch on with another team instantaneously. I would not be surprised if the Argos tried to pick him up.

Grant can make a spectacular highlight reel catch and then drop the next two passes. He's kind of inconsistent also.