Transactions Feb 16

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Markus White re-signed

Keenan MacDougall, Jermarcus Hardrick, Nick Taylor released

White is a bit of a surprise to be coming back, but I like taking a look at him...he can play any spot on the DL, so is a potential nice utility player

Hardrick...don't imagine anyone is shocked by this. They have already upgraded the OTs and he took a pile of stupid penalties in limited action (or was that someone else?)

Taylor was just re-signed like 6 weeks ago I think, after originally being picked up in October. He sounded promising, so hopefully it speaks well to other players they bave in mind.

Macdougall...not a shock at all. I mentioned several times I thought he would be on the trade block and if nothing came to be then he would be cut. When Newman and Campbell came on and gave the 5 deep at Safety it was pretty obvious that his fairly high injury laden contract was coming to an end...had he performed, sure.

Now, from a loose conversation I gathered that the club was sitting about 500 under cap. They still need another couple LBs for camp, this MIGHT set them doe camp on the DL (probably 1 more to come), they need a couple DBs, a couple QBs, maybe a RB and a WR...but they had 71 on the roster makes sense to trim.

All this said...I mean, MacDougall was a pretty clear casualty coming...but the timing makes me wonder if there is a potential Muamba play.