Transactions Aug 20

Well it's official, they brought in Justin Palardy and DL Ryan Wellman and released a LB and DB

If you don't keep an eye on the changes a lot.

We have 3 Regina kids currently practicing. Wellman a DE, a receiver and Whitehouse who is a special teams snapper. These kids get to practice with pros and it takes our PR count to 12.

That is the weird part of the PR..........I thought we released Moten a month ago? Must have re-signed him.

But the PR moves and shakes a lot. I think we can grow to 11 pretty soon recognizing that NFL cuts are coming and CFL teams will grow PR spots so guys on neg lists and other FA's can get a look and maybe be a part of 2015.

More changes will happen on the PR. I should keep a closer eye on it..........especially with NFL trimming down