Traning Camp Videos

i dont usually bicker about things but, i gotta say these daily videos of our guys training camp really sucks! im a local videographer and maybe im just picky, but they lal me to sleep, the music is awful, the shots on the tripod are horrible, you think on a tipod you can follow a play easily, ive been doing videos for awhile now and i gotta say, put me behind the camera to capture what the fans want to see(from a fans point of view) and let me edit the footage to. best of both worlds, and i can make them fun and look sharp! also give the viewer an idea of what goes on during training camp, fans want to see how new players are performing, speed, hands, arm strength.. not guys backs, or players walking off the field, stretching and late reactions to a live play lol. like really there awful.. im not saying im the best, but heres a few examples of my work with sports, keep in mind these are just promo samples with a 50mm so its more of a commercial then what id do for the ticats.
again... im not usually one to complain but i just really dont enjoy them..

When someone takes the time to try and give info to me about training camp that I can not get to . I say thanks :cowboy:

Exactly !! Remember pre BOB YOUNG when there was nothing !!

lol tell me what have you learned from these videos.. that our guys stretch and walk off the field when there done lol... im not knockin the guy - but i mean there suppose to be showing us SOMTHING here.. thats why its called training camp video highlights lol :cowboy:

There limited in what they can video, for example, can not video plays and schemes !

yeh i understand that they cant video plays, but drills, and you could easily video a throw and catch just simply edit out the play from scrimage and, no formations - just the catch and athletic ability after the catch or once the running back breaks off the line.. idk maybe im being picky.. somone has to agree with me cmon lol

Remember pre BOB YOUNG when there was nothing !!

yeh sure, but this is BOB YOUNG era and hes the one whos marketing department is allowing this so why not make it right... if hes going to be doing these kind of things why not do it the right way.. jus sayin.. this isnt the 90s

maybe you should see if they need someone else?? JK. I see your point but hey anything is good.

I'm assuming you appreciate these videos?

I just watched "day 4" and I have to agree with blitz.
It's awful and if you think that it gave you info , you're pretty hard up for information.
it's bad!!!

This can only be the job of someone in the org who has a camera and was asked to help out because there is nothing redeeming about it at all.
It's titled highlights but I think there were 4 dropped balls in the clips and no completions but then again the angles and distance was so bad that it was difficult to tell.

Blitz, don't be so nice. Tell it like it is ....crap.

BTW folks, it's 2012. Video shooting and editing have come along way since your super 8 days.
Show it.

The team is not obliged to show anything, and they also do not want to show too much on their own website that may tip off the opposition. If it comes down to being entertained by training camp videos or the team winning games, I think everyone would choose the later. Besides, you can always go down to Mac and see it in person.

I see.
So what you’re saying is ,there is no way of recording catches, runs, drills ,etc without giving away their playbook?
The only thing left is two guys talking on the sidelines, two guys walking off the field, two guys talking again, guys standing on the sidelines, more guys standing on the sidelines and some abs crunches?

And you find that informative ?
Wow, you guys are desperate for info.

There’s even a shot of muscle man Sam for a second . Even that could have been exploited for some of the ladies on the board. :oops:

Sorry but it’s crap.

Edit: I just watched Day 3 highlights and much better than day 4 . Obviously 2 different people shooting.

Nope. What I find imformative is the stuff I see with my own two eyes when I get down to Mac.

Think about this for a second, does the team release videos of each practice? Training camp is nothing more than practice with a different name. And besides, if you don’t like what they’re showing, then don’t watch the videos. If you want to know what’s going on at camp, check out the training camp discussion thread. Lots of good info in there.