Training Camps

Was just wondering where each team is holding their training camps or have held their training camps before including the facilities used/made available to them. Also, would be interested in finding out the turnout (fan-wise) of each. Apparently even though they struggled through a season filled with losing and plenty of turmoil, the Bombers reported a crowd of nearly 2,500 on the opening day of camp. That betters the crowd of 700 or so they had last year. Apparently they actually put some promotional muscle behind the effort this year (gee what a concept). With continued effort, these numbers are sure to increase as each year goes by. I think more teams should follow their lead. When NFL camps open, its a real event. Ditto with Spring football games at some college football programs in the US.

The Lions are doing there's in Kamloops at Thompsons Rivers University (They always move theirs around). And in true BC fashion the weather was rainy.

Edmonton had over 2000 for fan day and it was held at Clarke Stadium (beside commonwealth), but will be doing the rest at Commonwealth.

Saskatchewan is at Taylor Field.

Montreal is at Bishop's University near Sherbrooke for the start before moving to Montreal.

The argos are at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

That's about all I know. I'm assuming Winnipeg, Calgary and Hamilton are doing theirs at Canadinns, McMahon and Ivor Wynn respectively.

Ron Joyce Stadium at McMaster, I believe.

You are correct that the Bombers' TC is at Canad Inns Stadium and the Stamps is at McMahon Stadium.

Does anyone know if Calgary still has that "open practice" they started during the Matt Dunigan era?