Training camps postponed indefinitely

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HECK... read the link address and got excited just thinking about a Flames-Stampeders game.

Football on ice maybe? Nah, been done before in a certain Grey Cup game.

I'm really hoping there will be no impact to the season this year. This is crazy and we have to take this more serious so we can get back to life and enjoy some Ti-Cat football. Wishing you all good health

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Back at ya! Take care

With the mayor of Calgary having cancelled all sporting events in Calgary until the end of June, I don’t think we’ll see training camps start (if at all) until the start of July. Still possible to get most of the season in but I’m not optimistic.
I’ll gladly give up the season to ensure we get over this catastrophe we’re living through.

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I truly hope it doesn't come to this, but realistically it seems likely at this point. :disappointed_relieved:

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I believe the CFL season will be cancelled mainly because of American players who won't be able to cross the border for a long time. My question is: If the season is cancelled would player's contracts automatically be extended by one year?

Never mind that, would they even be paid?

Agreed. I think we all have to get used to the idea of no CFL football in 2020. :sob:

Everything in Ontario, except essential services, is to be shut down until at least May. On top of that, groups of "5 or more" people are basically banned. As I said elsewhere, it is hard to imagine going from groups of less than 5 people separated by 6 feet, to crowds of 24,000, packed shoulder to shoulder, anytime soon. I imagine things will be slowly and incrementally restored once the health authorities feel it safe to do so, and they will want to err on the side of abundant caution. There is also a fear of a rebound, or second, wave of infection, once the main wave "passes through".

More and more, my gut feeling is that the 2020 season is slipping away, for the safety of players, staff and spectators. Imagine what one asymptomatic person, with a cough, could do wandering in a stadium full of people over a three hour period. Can't see any health or government officials wanting to take that risk.


You're correct I think Palmer. Seems to me that the only people these days who think it is okay to gather together in large groups are certain Orthodox Jews in Israel (who are being arrested) and certain evangelical Christian preachers in the southern US; I guess they think their god is going to protect them. Good luck with that.


If we don't have a 2020 CFL season, ALL PLAYERS could be declared free agents.

Just when things seemed their most bleak, along comes Justin Dunk. :zipper_mouth_face: If this happens will the league fold and start up again? Will they just try to re-sign their players for 2021? What other options are there?

While I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, on a daily basis, I see today that the CFL finals, if they do occur on their scheduled date, will be in direct competition, for TV ratings, with the new date for the final round of the 2020 Masters Golf Tournament.

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The average temp is 19 degrees in Georgia in November. The grass shouldn't be dormant . Speaking of dormant, there will also be an election
in the U.S. on Nov 3 .

Pat Lynch (Je dors beaucoup)

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CFL News Retweeted

David William Naylor



Hearing the


will announce that the start of its 2020 season will be delayed until at least July. League still hoping to play a full schedule, or as close to that as possible. This is in response to some city restrictions on sporting events/large gathering. #CFL
So the League might start up on Canada Day (like it's supposed to) again? lol

We are assuming that the CFL will get to make that decision. That may not be the case, given the example already made by the city of Calgary for June. Not to forget the restrictions put in place for cross-border travel. We are still very much in a wait and see, IMO.