Training Camps! If you watched who looked good?

I went to the Stamps camp both morning and afternoon and they have some new guys that might bump a few vets. The heat is in at receiver and defensive back field. Same with the defensive line there are some very good rookies.

I didn't go, but I plan on going tomorrow. Take a look in the esks section of for a report I pasted from "beerfish" and "diesel" at

Miguel Robede looked like a beast and played the part.

Red how about that new turf which they say makes the stadium look like a million bucks?

Arggo Tom it really looks sharp and yes it really stands out. Look under field turf for a picture in the Stamps forum. A few ex Eskies playing for the Stamps stated it is the best surface they have played on. The red in the end zones will not be done this year they ran out of time to get it done. But it really is something. They have been practising on the surface.

Now all we have to do is convince the people in Regina to get rid of the concrete at TF.

next year, the league will LOOK better than it ever has...

with the riders getting 'fieldturf', everyteam will have it ( except edmonton ). and calgary will be getting the red endzones, montreal will have a expanded/renovated stadium.

now if we can only get ottawa or QC a team in time for the '07 season, everything will be right!

Agree. Wouldn't that be a dream if the league was to "expand" by two teams for next year.
QC could come in with a whole bunch of temporary seats to bring it up to 25,000 until either a new stadium or permanent expansion is done.

Edmonton Eskimos Day 2: about 200 people showed up at Clarke Park

My own analysis from Day 2, Session 2:

Impressive(numbered players were most impressive IMO)

  1. Reggie Durden was IMO the most impressive player on the field, he did a great job of positioning himself and blocking a good number of passes.
  2. DB Roosevelt Williams looked extrememly well at corner, and IMO performed better than Craver
  3. Steven Jyles reminds me of Printers(with his rushing ability- 2 or 3 snaps he couldn't find an open receiver and rushed for about 20 yards each), and he has a very fast ball.
  • Donny Brady was his usual self
  • Jason Johnson had some good speed on his balls as well, and threaded a few nicely through the defenders(one of the few times people cheered)
  • Diedrick had about three balls thrown to him in the mini scrimmages and had great hands on all of them
  • Tucker, Mitchell(one really nice catch about 30 yards right at the sidelines), and Hervey played exceptionally like they always do
  • import punter Rodney Williams looked fantastic holding snaps for fleming, and he seemed like a good guy to have around the team, he was always joking around(will unfortunately probably be cut soon, since he is an import)


  • Malcolm Frank played a long ball from Johnson(i think) and broke up the pass very nicely
  • Randy Spencer looked pretty good on the d-line
  • Rob Leblanc looked better than Nowacki, Woodcock, and Romeo
  • Roundtree was very intimidating with his size on the o-line, but seemed a bit slow
  • Comiskey and Bakker looked decent at right and left guard
  • Ricky Ray looked a bit rusty at the beginning with slow balls that looked like they'd be picked easily. Eventually began to regain his composure, throwing off his back leg with speed and great accuracy!
  • Fleming looked okay with Johnson holding the ball for FG's
  • Gaylor had a few nice catches


  • One of the only times I noticed woodcock was his dropped pass
  • Khari Jones is obviously going to be cut, he consistently overthrew receivers and was very innacurate.
  • It was either C McLane or QB Jones who had trouble with one of the snaps during the scrimmage at the end.
  • o-line looked a bit weak at the tackle position

Wow Jones is not doing that well in training camp that is to bad. The old guy you sent to us looks really rejuvinated and was crisp on his passes. He rolled out during pressure and delivered passes everytime. Beau Gibbs is a huge slot back and is having a great camp. He is almost as big as Robede and has real nice hands. Robede is having a great camp as well man he is a beast! I would rather get run over by a bull!

It is honestly the worst I have ever seen Jones play. Of about the 15 passes he made during his reps, he probably didn't complete more than 5. His passes were pretty slow and wobbly and he overthrew the receiver on three 30 yard(aprx.) passes.

Esks roster and depth chart for those inerested:

[url=] ... -May22.pdf[/url]

for the bombers andrae thurmon is impressing the heck out of me. he's real fast, and catches everything. adrian madise and quenton mccord are doing pretty good to.

kevins looking real sharp, Quinn was looking hot for the first bit but hurt his fore arm and took a few practices off. brad banks is a disapointment so far, hopefully he picks up the offence soon. but back to kevin, his throws are powerfull when need be, has a nice tight spiral, and accurate as ever, nice quick release to.

linebackers donney green is looking awsome, DE/LB stevie baggs is right up there with gavin walls, fast and has good coverage to. he may be the next gavin. if hebert doesnt come to camp it wont be to much of a loss, would be nice to have him though, mainly for special teams.

AJ 3rd is real fast out there, his knees are not a factor. brazzell and stegal have the rookies in awe.

william fields, omar evans and anthony malbrough are all looking great. kelly malveaux is also looking awsome..... however there was one play where he was confused with the coverage(grey cup). rookies gabriel fullbright and jazeem williams look quite impressive so far trying to unseat the vets. santino hall looks better then ever, he seems to always be around the ball

Barrins Barrin, great linebacker.

onterrio smith is injured, but before hand he looked real quick for being 30 pounds overweight, made some great one handed catches off bad throws to. hope he can get playing so he can get into shape lol. hes already lost about 10-12 pounds.

bombers are looking great this season

well u guys have good depth at runningback. good starter with davis and a solid back up with mcclendon. big problem for u last year, now solved with a solid starter. mcclendon had a few big plays last year, could be a real star after a little development IMO. teams across the CFL are looking great, itll be a tight year. i said 123James on our forum site...this guy Thurmon is goig to be a keeper....he gives us another legit. receiving threat...apparently Milt had a slight limp coming out of one of the huddles....and then quickly burned a db. with a patented one-handed grab....good ol Milt ..he's still got the moves..I also like the sound of this Baggs guy on 'd' ....a heavy hitter and brings it every play.... :arrow:

Guys, I made this thread a sticky because it'd be awesome for us all to share what happen in our teams' training camps. Keep on posting.

Pssit! I'm glad Robede looked like a beast. I was sure he'd be one. Good pick Calgary.

3rd & 10 this kid was worth the wait. I can not wait to see him in game action. He makes Sheldon look like Pinochio! ha ha He is large the stamps took him out to the landfill site to weigh him. He is very fast for his size.

Burris had an outstanding day at practise hooking up with the receivers, one great dass to new comer Scotty Anderson who showed very good speed. Bright another receiver made some great catches as well today!

In the Als camp they switched indoors because of all the rain and the kickers or not happy because they keep hitting the roof

Fantuz had looked great in camp so far in Sask, I only caught a little bit but I saw his one handed catch and it damn near blew me away.

I attended the first two days of camp. This is going to be long winded, but oh well.

On the defensive side of the ball I felt that newcomers Jonte Buhl and Roosevelt Williams stood out. Each had a pick and several knockdowns. The defensive secondary will be tough to crack though as they are both imports.

Andre Sommersall is new at LB, although he has been lining up at rush end and looking pretty good. Overall the DL looks to be solid and quick despite the loss of Montford, but it is early yet and no bullets are flying.

On the offense, rookie QB Stephen Jyles has shown impressive arm strength and mobility. We already knew about those, but what impressed me was his decision making in the coverage drills as well as the fact that he seemed to learn from mistakes when he read the play wrong and made a bad decision. Each time he recovered nicely. Good start for the youngster.

Since everyone will want to know about our OL, well I honestly think it will be a work in progress. Raliegh Roundtree is being watched closely if for no other reason than he weighs in at 320 lbs. He has an NFL pedigree and to me has stood out simply because of his consistency so far. He has not looked a lot better or a lot worse than the others. His import status will work against him and it remains to be seen if he will be good enough to overcome that.

Other notables on offense in my mind were Canadian RB Dahren Diedrick who just looked sharp and smooth, like he understood everything a lot better. Like Calgary, our receiving corps will be a dogfight, there is plenty of talent out there and the vets played like they knew it. Too close to call until we see them in action.