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The Cats will be running camp and their regular practices this year differently to avoid injuries

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Looking to avoid injury, Ticats overhaul training camp practices
Posted on May 23, 2017 by Steve Milton // 1 Comment

[i]Armed with the data from two seasons of digitally monitoring 24 players as they went through daily practice, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are changing their schedules at training camp and for practices during the regular season.

The football layman might not immediately notice, but longtime observers will recognize that the first day of practice during regular season will now be a lighter one, physically, rather than the heaviest of the week.

And in training camp, every third day will be less physical than the two before it, with emphasis on mistake correction, walk-throughs installing new plays and systems, and mandatory weightlifting.

It’s all designed to avoid the avalanche of injuries that have overrun the club so often in the past four years.

“You’re trying to eliminate soft-tissue injuries,? explains head coach Kent Austin, who worked with noted strength and fitness consultant Matt Nichols to create the changes, based on information from monitoring company Catapult, which tracked the two dozen players via monitors on the back of their shoulder pads.

“It’s a huge issue. If it’s not THE top priority here, it’s 1-A. Obviously, there’s a direct correlation to your best players playing and your probability of winning.

“There are precursors to soft tissue injuries. There are red flags. It gets really technical, but it relates to tracking of player load throughout the week. And when they hit warning areas because of the load they have been subjected to, you have to pull off it, because the risk for injuries, especially soft tissue, goes up.

“We remodelled our training camp and regular season to closely match our data, which was in line with the current research in the industry.?

The measuring system is GPS-driven and monitors “hundreds of things,? including total distance travelled by a player, his velocity, change of directions, intensity of work and overall workload.

Austin says there are both macro and micro effects.

On the micro level, this year players’ energy output, total-workload bearing and intensity levels will be monitored in real-time, and coaches will adjust individual situations accordingly, right on the field..

“Say, for instance, Luke Tasker is getting close to his total load and intensity for a given day, we’d rearrange the plays that have a probability that he’s going to be involved in, and put them at the front of the line, then get him out,? Austin says. “We’re kind of doing that anyway, with our eyes, we’re just bringing more science to it.

On the macro level, the data compelled football operations to alter the team’s game-prep schedules.

So during the regular season, the first practice day of a week which traditionally — across the CFL and, in Hamilton — for decades has been a heavy physical day, with play installation and the players often in full pads, is now “more of a recovery day.?

It will include walk-throughs for play installation, and periods of strength and conditioning.

Day Two will now be a heavier day, more like the old Day One.

At training camp, it’ll be two-on, one-off.

When camp opens Sunday, there’ll be a normal training camp practice. Monday will be the heaviest in the cycle: the dreaded “two-a-day? which separates a pair of practices by a 20-minute rest and nutrition period. Then Tuesday will be like the new Day One of the regular season: “There will be football, but it’s a recovery day.?

Then the three-day cycle begins again on Wednesday.

“It’s part of our overarching high-performance plan,? Austin says. “This is one element. But there’s nutrition, there’s sleep, there’s strength and conditioning, there’s sports psychology.

“But we’re doing it in baby steps. We’re going to gather our own information. We know our players. We suspect certain things that are co-relations to performance or lack thereof and then we’re going to get analytics to mine what WE say to mine.?[/i]

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Really cool stuff!

Very interesting. I love the use of this kind of stuff.

Have you checked out the tapes on new reciever Gavin Lutman? He makes some great one-handed catches.
Looks alot like another Darin Flutie.

I note on the roster, here on, that in adding Lutman as #85 and Saunders as #89, Matt Uren #86 has disappeared. I'm guessing that's just busy fingers, under the pressure of rookie camp starting tomorrow, hitting unintended keyboard keys. ?????

I assume that there'll be an announcement on Wednesday morning that the club has signed their seven 2017 draftees.

I guess Uren is gone, with no explanation, that I've heard or read, or mention of release on
His #86 has now been assigned to draftee Jacob Scarfone.

Well, I believe that your assumption was correct as yesterday it was announced that the entire 2017 draft class signed with the team.

Anyway, the receiving corps could use some speed, which is why we wanted Sinkfield to sign here. But Jalen Saunders could be that speedy WR that we need. He could also be used on returns. He may be a player to watch. He may have been brought in to compete with Banks. That plus the $50k pay cut that Banks took should help motivate him to improve after a season that was sub-par by his standards.

Still not a kicker or punter listed on the roster. Tomorrow would be a good time to announce one has been signed.

I was just checking through the roster too and noticed that Matt Uren has gone missing and Scarfone now has number 86. I too wondered what happened as I do not recall hearing of him being released or him choosing to step away from the game. I know that he was a late round pick last year but I thought he did well enough when pressed into service late in the season - at least for a rookie.

Checked through the numbers on the roster and there appears to be NO room left for a kicker as they already have 84 players (including the non-counters) and they can only have 75 on the training camp roster. They can have kickers around to work them out without a contract as they did during mini-camp but they can not practice with the team so they are going to have to release some players by the looks of things before they can actually sign a couple of kickers who can be on the field during practices! Strange!! :?
Looks like there should be NO problem in the secondary as there are 22 DBS on the roster right now! Going to be a fierce competition for limited starting/backup roles - many of which are already set.

Along with Uren, INT RB Jeremy Stuart, signed in mid April is also gone from the roster. His name disappeared today, without any announcement. That makes 3 such cases with INT LB Quintin Alston. registered withe league as signed just prior to the OTAs, and gone from the roster shortly after those workouts with nothing said publicly.

The door can hit you in the A$$ real fast in the Hammer.

Just took a look at the roster and if my calculations are correct it is currently showing 85 players total including non counters . The breakdown as I see it is 52 imports , 33 Canadians of which if I'm correct has a total of 12 non counters including our 7 draft picks as well as an additional 5 players who would also qualify under the league rules as non counters . So if you do the math (85 - 12 = 73 ) we appear to have 2 roster spots still open and just enough wiggle room with our current roster to sign and bring in at least 2 kickers for T.Camp .

I could be wrong on this but I'm pretty sure that as well as our 2017 draft class of seven that the other five that would count as non counters would include: db-Tristan Doughlin , db-Tyler Storie , lb - Marc -Antoine Laurin , wr - Felix Fauber - Lussier and ol - Everton Williams .

As for the 22 DB's signed and showing on the roster , look for a number of them to be converted over and tried out at the currently vacant SAM Lb position . I'm guessing at least 5 or 6 of the 22 at the very least . Look for candidates for conversion at SAM to come from the likes of Ethan Davis , Craig Butler , V 'Angelo Bentley , Khalid Wooten , Dominique Ellis , Will Hill and Keon Lyn .

We may not have a kicker or punter, but at least we have a long snapper. His snaps may be really long if there's no one there to receive them. :?

Kicker update:

[url=] ... r-kickers/[/url]

Good! Hope it works out well.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I know that the lack of a kicker really isn't funny but your comment did give me a laugh!

I agree that some of the DBs, especially those who already have CFL experience like Ellis or Wooten, are likely candidates for the SAM position which does need to be filled.

I allowed for about 8 non-counters in my calculations - the seven draft picks and the national LB Laurin who signed just yesterday. I wasn't sure about Faubert-Lussier since he did come to training camp last year although I know he didn't hang around long due to injury. Forgot about Doughlin though, and don't know the story behind Storie (word play not intended) but I could see him not counting. I doubt though that Williams would be a non-counter as he has been on the team for at least a year - or more - even if he hasn't started.
The article mentioned up to four possible kickers and they really do need to sign at least 2 to have a healthy competition for the roster spot.

It's no surprise that Sergio Castillo is being worked out by the team. I remember him being on our practice roster two or three seasons ago, and he does have experience in this league. I expect that we'll soon hear about one or more these four kicker/punters being signed soon.

And here's a good and informative article on who will be competing for which positions: ... ning-camp/

Drew Edwards made some good points. But I think that if the team will have a starting Canadian receiver, that receiver would be Jones instead of Aprile. It would be great if Jones could have what could be considered a breakout season. And the section on Canadian receivers did mention Scarfone, but not Uren. I hadn't heard about Uren being released either, and so I also wonder what happened to him.

I was also surprised that Ethan Davis and other players mentioned by Bobo as possible starting SAM LBs were not mentioned in the section about who the starting SAM LB might be.

A 4th case now of gone from the roster, without any announcement -- NAT DB Tyler Storie. That would suggest, to me, that he, because of age, may no longer qualify as a training camp non-counter. It wouldn't be surprising to maybe see him back, later in camp, when injuries and cuts open up some roster spots.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Sunday that the football club has signed five international free agents, including placekickers Sergio Castillo, Ryan Hawkins and Craig Peterson, quarterback Cody Keith and offensive lineman Palmer White.

The following players have retired:
INT – OL – Jake Olson
INT – RB – Jeremy Stewart
NAT – WR – Matt Uren

The following player has been released:
NAT – DB – Tyler Storie

Here is a copy of the training camp roster