Training Camp

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Thanks for your help, mightypope, in my quest to create an accurate roster. And, bobo, it wouldn't surprise me to see Sears in the "Oh Oh" jersey when the season starts. I can't recall any Tiger-Cat ever wearing "00." My memory says there was an Alouette who did, but my memory is no guarantee. Milt Stegall remembers a Blue Bomber teammate who did:

[url=] ... t-stegall/[/url]

IIRC The first pro football player who wore "00" was Jim OttO who played with the Oakland Raiders. His name being a palindrome (spelled the same backwards and forwards) it could be said to begin (and end) with what looked like a zero instead of an Oh. Hence the synergy (?) with choosing number double zero. (All that was missing were two tees).


interesting that less brown wore 00 with the lions, but not the ticats.

Less Browne indeed wore #00 as a Lion. As for ottawacat the Alouette who wore #00 was the very same player who is mentioned in the Stegall article…Harold Nash Jr. :slight_smile: so you are indeed correct in remembering an Alouette also wearing jersey number #00 :smiley: 8)

Googling a bit and found that Harold Nash's first CFL "00" jersey was with the Shreveport Pirates in '94. Also, another player who wore "00" was the Nigerian kicker with the Baltimore Stallions in '94 and then the Memphis Mad Dogs in '95, Donald "Iggy" Igwebuike.
I see that, prior to training camp day 4, the listing of jersey numbers on the roster has now been corrected. Thanks for that.

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#Ticats DT @bbulcke went down during one-on-ones and has a bag of ice on his knee. Man, that guy could use some luck. #CFL #CFLTC

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The #Ticats are suddenly, improbably, extremely thin at Canadian defensive tackle. #CFLTC #CFL

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Update from Ticats practice
Posted on June 3, 2015 by Drew Edwards
Here’s what’s happening at Ticats practice this morning:

[b]• the team is starting to make the transition towards preparing for Monday’s exhibition game against Ottawa. The personnel groupings on offence and defence are more fluid with players being shuttled in and out of the line up during the team sessions. The first pre-season game is primarily about evaluation so I would expect a number of the big names to see limited action or to sit altogether.

• defensive tackle Brian Bulcke went down during one-on-one sessions and spent the last part of the session sitting on the trainer’s table with a bag of ice on his knee. If he’s down for any period of time, the Ticats are suddenly and improbably thin at Canadian defensive tackle behind Ted Laurent. That’s because Linden Gaydosh, Mike Atkinson, Hasan Hazime and Evan Gill are all hurt as well. That said, Atkinson should be back soon.

• Jeff Mathews was the No. 2 quarterback today, after Jacory Harris took the back up reps yesterday. That will be a position to watch on Monday.

• good battle developing at the offensive tackle spot between Brian Simmons, Jake Olson and Joel Figueroa with Jeremy Lewis in the mix as well.

• players not practicing today: RB Mossis Madu and DT Atkinson. DE Arnaud Gascon-Nadon did drills but little to no team work. The rest (Hazime, Anthony Woodson, Antonio Coleman) are still in the rehab phase. No sign of S Neil King.

• Former Ticats and Argos linebacker (and current University of Toronto defensive coordinator) Kevin Eiben was at camp today.

• there are CFL officials again today and receiver Bakari Grant was flagged for offensive pass interference during a one-on-one drill. “They won’t call that in a game,? he protested. Yes, they will. That said, I think there were less flags today as players are making the adjustment to the new rules.[/b]

Day 5 of training camp

This is interesting.

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#Ticats 2015 draft pick Preston Huggins is being moved from LB to FB. Will wear 27. Need depth behind C.O. Prime.

Things are getting nasty! :thup:

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Last play of #Ticats team session @Tank_Reed1911 tackles @CJ_Gable near the goal line. @BGrant84 takes exception & big scrum ensues.

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After things settle down, #Ticats coach Kent Austin brings entire defence together for a chat. There’s aggressive & there’s too aggressive.

Personally, I'm thinking we need depth in front of Prime. Perhaps an actual fullback? Someone to get those two to three yards on 2nd and 2 when everyone everywhere, including the defence, knows we're going to run the ball up the middle? And someone who has experience as a pass blocker? And has experience going out for short passes occasionally?

Just sayin'.

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#Ticats @12JHarris12 taking second team reps today. Team has used a rotation behind @ZCollaros7 thus far.

Hank is 40 today!!!, I am glad we have Zack
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Former #Ticats QB @HenryBurris wearing No. 40 at #Redblacks practice today in honour of his 40th birthday. Wish him all the best.

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Brian Bulcke sidelined for todays practice after being rolled up on Wednesday.

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Another MTL grad 1st on the field. Yesterday Archambault, today Matthieu Girard working on long snapping to add value

Caretaker is at camp, getting on the refs early!!! :lol: :lol:
Caretaker saying to ref, "Hey ref, Are those your legs, or are you riding a chicken?" :wink:

The team hasn't really had a really true Fullback since Julian Radlein retired. Darcy Brown was a converted SB who was rarely used when here and Auggie Barranchea was a converted LB much like Prime and Huggins are now. It seems like the role and position of Fullback is a dying art form these days as most teams rarely use them anymore in short yardage and goal line situations as the primary ball carrier or reciever when a tough yard or two is needed like in the past. Radlein was probably the last one I can think of that was actually used on a regular basis in these situations. It seems like the position is going the way of the Dodo bird as you rarely see a Fullback get any touches anymore and except for blocking purposes are rarely used these days.

John Delahunt, who was taken by OTT in their expansion draft was used offensively by Austin and Condell
In 2013 when he played FB for the Cats he had 9 receptions for 104 yrds ans 2 TD's

Delahunt also had exactly 0 rushes for 0 yards in 2013 when he played here and wasn't called on to carry the ball once in short yardage or goal line situations. Radlein on the other-hand finished his 5 yr career as a Cat with 144 carries/386 yds/17 tds on the ground and added 66 catches/551 yds/1 td receiving. C.O.Prime by comparison last season ended up with 5 carries for 17 yds and 3 catches for 15 yds and 0 tds . It should be noted as well that if it wasn't for CJ Gable getting injured early on in a game vs Edm and the team being forced to use Prime with no other rbs on the game day roster chances are good that Prime would have had the same stats as Delahunt in 2013 rushing the ball on the season.

I guess that's my point, that having a "tough yards" back is something the Ticats have been lacking for years, that our coaches lately haven't put any emphasis on this role. I think you are correct that many or most teams have gone the same route, although there are still a few true fullbacks kicking around the league. Perhaps that's the role that Grigsby will take on, leaving Gable as our primary "long yards" (1st and 10, 2nd and long) running back.

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Two drills running simultaneously at #Ticats camp: fans watching WRs vs DBs. Football guys watching OL vs DLs one-on-ones.

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#Ticats RB CJ Gable left practice with an undisclosed injury. #CFL :expressionless: