Training Camp

Got an opportunity to take in the Friday night and Saturday morning sessions at Leo's TC in Kamloops. This being my first opportunity to do such a thing (living in Saskatoon), it was pretty cool. Took a lot of pictures and did a lot of watching (go figure!). A few observations follow:

Kevin Glenn was taking a lot of snaps. Travis Lulay was taking snaps on running plays. Lulay was rarely throwing the ball.

#24 - Paschal Lochard - looked pretty good. Mr. Bates was praising him quite heavily during blocking drills. As Kelly put it, he had the best feet of the bunch.

Others that stood out to me. #3 - Matt McGarva, #11 - Korey Jones, #39 - Josh Johnson and #25 - Tony Burnett. Both Burnett and McGarva were lining up at safety. On the offensive side, there were quite a few drops by the WR's - mostly Sambrano (that I can recall).

Got a little worried when Courtney Taylor came down on his head reaching out for a pass on Friday night. Apparently it was his knee that he actually hurt (ice bag for the remainder of the day and parts of Saturday).

If the play calling at TC was anything like games, expect the team to stretch the field a lot. Also expect to see Logan in the slot quite a bit with Harris in the backfield.

The D looks fast. Washington seems to be instilling a swarm mentality into them. Players were all over the field both days.

One thing that has me wondering is Kalif... he wasn't on the field on Saturday and I could not find him on the roster of my updated Leo's app. Not sure if something happened there, but we weren't presented a roster Saturday morning so I was a bit unsure. I see now that he had an illness...

Overall, loved the experience. The weather was great.

Thanks for your observations rtk. Glad you enjoyed the experience. I've had a chance to go to several of the Lions' practises during the season. It adds a lot to the enjoyment of the season for both my wife and myself.