training camp

It seems like a long time since the grey cup & training camp is finally here & i can’t wait for the season to start! :smiley:

I went this morning and I can tell you they have brought in some very good players. Three receivers Tywan Mitchell a 6’5" monster WR with speed and great hands. Rambo looked great and Martay Jenkins runs very well.
I was impressed with three new DB’s Jemaine Chatman had a pick, Bob Kelly had a pick and Rashad Anderson is a very very good cover guy.
Joffery Reynolds looks like he will be better this year then the last few games.
QB’s In just watching this morning Gesser, Souza and Kennedy looked good out of the three Kennedy better show more. Burris was really doing well connecting with his receivers. Copeland and Lewis wer on the money most of the time. For Canadian receiver Juhaz looked good, Blake Machan looked good and the guy from Edmonton Brett Raplh was impressive.

The Oline looked pretty good but a bit early to tell.
Abdullah looks very good and will be much better in Denny Crehans system.
I will be there daily with the exception of Tuesday doing search and rescue training that day.