Training Camp

Still can’t figure out why camp isn’t in Saskatoon. Was their over the weekend visiting family and we went and looked around Griffiths stadium (Not sure if that is what it’s stilled named) and all it has to offer. You have the fieldhouse for inclement weather situations, 4 or 5 different full field options, the U of S dorms, that should be pretty vacant at that time of year, 5 - 6 thousand season ticket holders living their, Husky Stadium for any Green white scrimmage,… How can this not be a no brainer??? I would think this would be the least the team could do to embrace the “Saskatchewan” in their name.

I agree that it is about high time to have a training camp in Saskatoon, but this year is not the right time, and here is why. With a number of new coaches, new and/or younger players, this is a good year to keep it simple, stay in Regina, and get this team focused, bonded, prepared, and ready to go for a new and exciting season. I hope this team will progress quickly, have a much better season than the last one, and soon be in a position to have a camp in Saskatoon at least once in every few years. Over and out.

I agree yr with the whole team mostly being carried over from this yr