Training Camp.

Hey guys this year i would like to attend Alouettes training camp. Does anyone know the date where there is the camp, autographs, activities for kids etc......could it be june 5th? Have any of you ever been? Is it worth the drive?

Hey Mike,

From what I seem to remember it is usually held the first Saturday or Sunday of training camp.
They are back in Lennoxville this year. It will probably be on their site regarding open to the fans sometime in the next few days I would imagine.

I would expect fan day to be the 4th. of June. based on years passed. I’m planning to go at least once a week.

nothing could be finer then to be in lennoxville quebec in june to witness the beginning of a 3PEAT!!

Any news?

Mike, it is a shame that the training camp dates have not as yet been posted!

Also that the roster has not been updated since at least the signings of Barrette and Sagesse.

While he probably has bigger nuts to crack, Mr. Lalonde has been here long enough now to look after these basic details for the fans who care about the team.

[url=] ... of-tc-2011[/url]

Fan day on June 5th at Bishops University.

The last time the roster was updated was on May 13,2011. With Jim Popp its always,at least it seems,"top secret". You always have the impression that he wants to "beat" the system/ not play within the rules. He does not seem to care about the fans. He doeas what he wants.

Like other teams, rookies and QBs will report to "rookie" camp on June 1st,2011,but he-Jim Popp- keeps it quiet; in the past years,media were not invited. He does everything to"éloigner" the fans/media. One reason why tickets sales are down.

Getting back to the roster, I wrote to many persons,including the Director of Communications,Charles Rooke, asking them when it will be updated,but there has been no answer. They don't even have the "délicatesse" to tell you reasons why. You are kept wondering why. When Louis-Philippe Dorais was there,he would answer me right away,even on weekends. I also wrote on many occasions to Mr.Smith and he would always answer back. He was a President for the fans. Again,to me, he was the best! I pay no attention "aux mauvaises langues/jaloux". Relations have always been good between him and Jim Popp,until Mr.Smith had to fire/demote Jim from Head Coach,after the 2007 season "désastreuse"

I want to give the chance to Mr.Lalonde but,since he is there, I have not seen improvements in Communications.


Richard, I don’t think its so much that he does not care about us, he just dosen’t want to make it easy for rival orgnizations. The other thing is the Als need to revamp their PR, marketing staff. I think it is coming…

Popp isn't paid to be a media guy or to answer fan emails. He's paid to build winning teams, and he has done a magnificent job of it over the past decade. The Als' deficiencies on the marketing side, to me, are a separate issue from Jim Popp. Hopefully Lalonde will clean up the mess Smith left behind.

As of now,the roster has been updated to include Barrette and Sagesse. No deletions from May 13,2011 roster.


Jim Popp might have has his ego and protect his territory within the organization, but I dont think hes anti-fan or publicity. Quite the contrary.

I mentioned previously that he was on the Tieman show prior to the U.S. college bowl games, and he named players who were to compete who were on the Als neg. list. And of course when asked by Shaun Starr about the Cobourne negotiations he gave a pretty direct response. Certainly the anti-Pierre Gauhier.

He is intelligent and forthcoming, whether talking about his team or making his NFL playoff picks. I even feel the Als could make better use of his P.R. abilities, such as a weekly radio show.

The problem comes at this time of year with rookie camp, where he brings in extra bodies, and probably gets defensive and secretive about the player turnover. But bottom line, it is for the betterment of the team.

Also out of respect for the players involved, it isn't the best thing for a guy's carreer to be signed and let go before he's had on practice which is sometimes the case. It really serves no purpose other than to keep maybe a couple hundred hard core fans like us in the loop. I've had the opportunity to talk to Jim twice and he was very forthcoming and pleasant in his answers, no political bs...

I agree the Als need him to market their product in fact it may be essential. Marc Trestman is another man who has a lot to share, while I waited to get my books signed a senior lady in front of me was getting a book and a mini helmet signed for a loved one. I was trying not to listen to what she was saying but Marc said to her "when can I go see him", he obviously was offering to take time and visit with someone one on one, that's the kind of people these guys are... but a football season is so, so demanding and chaotic that maybe spending time with the media may take away from their football duties.

Exactly. It's really not a big deal IMO. Roster secrecy pre-TC isn't why we have no corporate sponsors and practice facility, why we can't fill out the luxury boxes at games, and why our season ticket sales are down. It's the president's job to get out in the community and market the team and Smith just dropped the ball (for whatever reason; I don't know him so I'm not going to comment on his personal motivations). Popp is paid to be a football ops guy and he has been a stud in that role.

I don't think anyone can argue the Als have been piss poor at connecting with media and fans. Smith was the guy in charge of business operations. End of line. But what an opportunist this guy is :wink:

It is kind of hidden under the news tab, but good to see the team has posted its complete training camp practice schedule:

However, I see that out of 23 practice sessions, only 4 (one of which is a walkthrough) are specifically devoted to special teams.

Coaches are always fond of saying how important special teams are in the CFL - 1/3 of the game. So 3 sessions, particularly with new kickers and holder, certainly does not seem adequate.

Might end up on the coach`s foe list for this!

Dosen't mean they won't devote part of the other practices to ST ? Nice to see the schedule, Coach mentionned on the weekend the schedule would be posted shortly. Being a long drive from the city, it is nice to be able to plan a trip to the Eastern townships.

The roster has been updated for the second time today. Gavin Walls is no longer on the roster.


But the 3 Americans who were announced with Barrette and Sagesse last wk. do not appear.

No,they don't appear; it is 2 imports-DL- and 1 non-import-DB-

They may not even make it to the main training camp,at least the imports.