Training Camp

What is this bullsh*t about the Lonie wanting to move training camp to the States? Why would he possible want to do that? Instead of trying to build a larger fanbase here at home where people will actually come to the games and buy tickets he wants to get more exposure for Americans? I dont see the logic. If this happens the CFL should step in and not let him.This sure wont help him convice fans that he is commited to this team.

CFL can’t do much, he’s a business owner and he’s running his business how he wants. Agreed that it would be dumb of him to move training camp to the states. But i think at the end, they will stay here.

After reading an article in the Citizen I think it might be a really good idea to have camp in the States. The 5 locations they are considering : Kemptville (where the past 4 camps have been held); U of Ott.; Petawawa; Orlando; or Michigan Tech U(near Bohemia Ski Resort- which Glieberman’s own). all have + and -.
The 3 ontario sites would be easier for fans to see the team, but Kemptville has poor facilities and is far from town, U of O is expensive to rent and Petawawa is even farther than K-town.The US sites have the advantage of being easier for US players to attend, since the teams doesn’t need to spend 2 days to get a player to camp (visas) when it could be a waste of time if they don’t work out. The Orlando spot has the advantage of being close to a large pool of southern US players who would be more likely to come tryout and meet the team that if it were in K-town (“where’s that???”). It would give coaches an opportunity to evaluate far more American prospects.
Tho it’d be nice to have it at U of O - I’d probably go twice a week. I was at a practice last year and it’s cool to see what they go through to make the team. As a bonus, Kerry Joseph shook my hand at the end of practice - very classy guy.
In the end, if the Gades decide to have camp in the US and we come out with a better team on opening day(when it matters!) than if we had camp up here, then go for it!

U of O is the logical choice. Since Lonie has repeatedly said that he would open the wallet to make this a winning team here is a chance to prove it. As for the idea that it is easier to evaluate american talent I dont buy it for the following reasons. The talent can be evaluated at free agent tryouts and those that impress can be brought north to Ottawa. This means that the club needs to scout well and organize themselves in the offseason. Secondly all other teams in the CFL can do it so for Ottawa to go south would be a cop out. Having them in Ottawa helps make a connection to the community (see Argos success) which this club needs to foster year after year. I do agree that if they win when the season starts then it would justify it but if they lose then they have lost even more. Lonie get on with it, settle the QB situation, in February sign Barrin Simpson amongst other free agents settle the training camp issue now and lets get on with building the Renegade Nation.

Hear, hear!