Training Camp

Which days of training camp are attendable if any?I've never really payed much attention to TC but am REALLY interested in checking it out this year.Any info. would be awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

All days are attendable at the MAC stadium

Sweetness, whats the admission like if any?

No Admission cost..parking can be tricky though .

Most days there is like 20 -50 people watching tops
I like going to see some of the plays and who is pumped and get a look at soem of guys fighting for jobs or new guys like shivers, pool , mann etc

i also like seeing what the coaches are doing with the players
i like giving my 2 cents on the players as well on this forum

it;s tough to tell who is any good outside of a real contact scrimmage

i know last year two guys had a fist fight with their helmets on and the one receiving alot of the shots was drisan james from a db that got cut ..later i saw the db's hands and they were mangle from punching a helmet about 30 times

bomber camp saw some bodies flying around today, coaches finally put an end to it tho. good to see the rookies going all out.

i too wish there were contact scrimmages, there is already such a limited amount of time to evaluate, we basically have to do all thhe real scouting in the preseason games with the guys that make it that far, the rest is evaluated from non contact 3 quarter pace drills most of the time, makes me think we dont always get the true gamers that way

There was alot of fighting last year too, the biggest probably during the black and gold game.Just guys fighting for their jobs, nothing more.

Please, DON'T mention parking prices... lol

(For those with short memory, there was about a 15-page thread on parking last year...)

Come on sig! What else would we rather do than complain about parking when camp is on? It's a tradition for the last 2 years. haha

Instead of driving onto the campus at the Sterling Ave entrance
and paying hourly, [ hourly parking fees are very expensive]

park on the other side of Cootes Dr. and pay a flat fee [ $5 ?]

Soon after you turn onto Cootes Drive towards Dundas
you will see a bridge up ahead going over Cootes Dr.

To get to the parking lot, drive on to the campus
and then drive over the bridge to the other side.

A shuttle bus will immediately take you back
to the campus. The stadium is a 5 minute walk.

Or you can bus and walk for 2.50! heh

You can park on King St. West (just to the east of the hospital) for free for an hour if you're just coming for a quick look. It's less than 10min walk from there to the stadium. Or park in Westdale Village (corner of King and Sterling) for $1/hr for up to 2 hours. This is about a 15min walk.


or, if you live anywhere near downtown Hamilton, Westdale, Dundas etc, you can always just take a's the best way to travel around any University fact, a lot of the Hamilton bike trails and rail trails will get you close to Mac with ease

..or just pay for goes to Hamilton Health Sciences I believe, so it's all good [b]Photos From today


You also find Photos Today on My Facebook Profile
I upload more to that then Tiny Pic

I really like Calhoon #29 Damon McDaniel #89 On Defence
LaRoche Jackso #22

Nice pictures Tom, thanks for posting them.


Appreciate your efforts, but, like last year during the season, you have too many shots of the scrimmages, which may seem cool in person, but don't translate well on film......they are boring to be quite honest (not a diss on you personaly)......

As an constructive suggestion, look for unique shots and angles and close-ups

A few photographers who posted their work here last year specialized in this technique

... or if you got some solid legs and don't mind burnin a few calories, you can park at the bottom of Coots Dr. and walk up the hill. Parking there is free for 2 hours. That's gona be my game plan this year. I'm hoping to drop 10 lbs before the B&G Game :lol:

Thank for Crotchet of Work Deerhunter
I don't Greatest Equipment but Shooting
So I shoot What I can with watch Have

Keep them coming Onknight I sure enjoy looking at then....Thanks Pal. :thup:

Maybe deerhunter should go to camp and take his own photos. Onknight takes the photos he wants as it is his camera and time. I love any look at camp as I cannot get one in person from here in BC.

Thanks Onknight!!

I totally agree Zenstate! Here are some Picture from today's pratice! Hope there good enough for Deerhunter! :rockin:

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