Training Camp Vibe

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a dramatic change in this year's camp? I'm hearing things from players, coaches, media this year that I haven't heard for awhile. The Caretaker has taken the heat for the Coach Marshall hiring, and now that we have Desjardins and Taafe running the show, things seem a lot more optimistic.

I remember last season with all the signings of the stars like the "little ball of nothing" fans were talking Cup season :roll: :lol: Yes the boys are working hard new playbook etc etc healthy Maas etc etc until we are +4 WINS IN this camp means ZERO in my opinion.

Perhaps "optimistic" was the wrong word. The feeling I'm getting is more of an intensity, a focus, call it professionalism, but whatever you call it, the vibe is definitely better this year.

I Say the Feelings have Change .
Charlie and Staff Run a Tight Ship.
But He and Staff or Tough but Fair.

The Players Seem to love the way he runs thing.

That's' what I'm talking about.