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I took the following well-written report from "Diesel" at

With the soggy overnight conditions the esks practiced at Clarke's fieldturf facility. Was joined by Fishman, EL and her familia

Cuts: As mentioned elsewhere, Cedric Scott was released due to failed medical. Was unable to get the exact cause.

Walking Wounded: William Loftus and Jason Nugent did not participate in todays sessions. Taylor Inglis, Nicolas Bisaillon and Mike Bradley took part in the morning no pads session but sat out the second contact session

Absent: AJ Gass and Malcom Frank both are away attending to family related matters. Prayers are with them both.

Overview: Day one was business as usual for the esks coaching staff and for many of the vets. Rookies always try to impress early with hopes that they can get an edge and sustain it through camp. Today was no exception.

In no particular order:

An appearance of the newly svelted Jedrock, canines in tow, ( nice dogs BTW) who spent time as an up close observer during much of the Dline drills.

The Oline 1st unit today was Bakker at center, Comiskey and carson at guard, and McGrath and Kabongo at the tackle spots. Not too much to comment on the first day for the Oline, Draft pick Greg Longchamps struggled with one on ones with Rob Brown (welcome to the CFL kid) and the import guys were finding their way around camp.

Charles Alston has dropped about 20lbs in his move to the DE spot and looks at home there so far.

Newcommer DT Dorsett Davis made some nice plays including a pass deflection during scrimmage. Davis' arrival might have made Scott's release less of a gamble?

1st round draft pick Adam Braidwood at one point in the not so long past had sported a mohawk but is growing it back in as to perhaps avoid becoming this camp's "neon green shoe" story. Had a solid albeit unspectacular workout.

Robert Leblanc got plenty of reps and balls his way in scrimmage, looked a little better than other NI WR's Romeo and Nowacki. Woodcock was performing like a vet should on day 1.

Player who stood out the most IMO was Steven Jyles, QB. This kid has some serious zip on his passes and at one point threw an effortless 50 yd pass off his back foot! Can see why PJ was high on the kid as he definately has the tools. Does he have the brains? TBD. As EL pointed out, very Printers-like in his mechanics.

Sign that the appocolypse is upon us: Wad was seen doing cone drills! If he keeps that up they might have to give him TWO shirts for TC and they might even get washed! (messin with ya Wad)

Shannon Garrett has moved up to the SAM LB position at least for now. Not sure if I like that move but we'll see how things shake out as camp goes along.

New CB's Donte' Buhl and Roosevelt Williams both has very good workouts. Buhl had an INT and displayed nice closure on the ball, breaking up two passes in scrimmage. Williams showed some impressive speed and has good size [ 6.01-200 ] for a corner. There will be plenty of heated battles in the secondary this year and should be some fireworks to go with it I'm sure.

Quincy Stewart had a good session in the middle with Gass' abscence.

Mobes was Mobes and led the defence today.

JR Larose has been moved to safety and showed some nice stuff back there. He has gotten bigger in size. We'll see if he packs some lumber over the middle.

Andre' Sommersell who was touted to be pushing Mobes lined up with the Dlinemen as a rush end. He is wearing 53 and looks bigger than advertised.

Nothing outstanding by the plethora of NI linebackers today. Lots of wet behind the ears methinks.

WR Chris Collins stood out amongst the new receivers. Gaylor has a few guys knocking on his door this year.

Mookie and Tucker were simply Mookie and Tucker.

P Rodney Williams showed some good hang time and decent pop on the ball in some of the punts I saw from him. He also was working as Wad's holder today. Not sure how permanent that is yet.

Ray was inconsistent at times but at others showed nice placement on his passes. JJ has slimmed down a bit but I didn't get a chance to see a lot from him.

Kahari Jones is in mid camp form, see last year's TC reports on him as they are a carbon copy of what we saw today. Fish had the line of the morning when he said, " KJ should Fedex the next pass to the sidelines, it will get there quicker" Lot's of ducks.

RB's will also have plenty of battles. Diedrick had lots of reps along with Davis. Winkle looks in over his head unless he can excell on ST's. Not sure where Goldie fits this year?

Tompkins made some nice plays out of the SB position. What a difference a year makes.

Antico Dalto is now listed in the MLB position

Memo to people who think Swerve has lost a step: One one drill in particular, he geared it up to warp speed that had him leaving vapour trails past the DB in coverage. That tells me he might be now the crafty vet who will pick his spots but IMo he's back from that run alone.

Thanks to Dwayne via PJ for the opportunity to touch and feel the new GC ring. Very nice indeed.

Basicly a very workman like first day of camp. Looking forward to the better weather tomorrow. Took a bunch of pics and will try to get them up at some point.

The next report is from "Beerfish" at, again very informative:

Some random thoughts on what I saw at the 2nd session of camp today.

QB's as a whole did not look super sharp overall, probably about 5 ints in the offense/defense drills. Steven Jyles has a very nice arm but his pass trajectories are very flat. He had one knocked down and another picked off because the ball had very little arc. Johnson and Ray looked only okay, a tad rusty in my eyes. Khari was about the same as last year, he has a heck of time picking out that 1st receiver.

Hervey looked good, made some nice catches. All the other receivers were unremarkable in my eyes a couple of the rookies seemed to be confused at times.

Raleigh Roundtree is a wide load, not fat just very thick and broad.

Kabongo looked agile but did get beaten badly on an inside move by Sommersal on one of the Offense vs defense drills.

Nugent and Loftus seemed to be working hardest of anyone out there, they were rehabbing injuries and Mandrusiak had them peddaling like mad on the stationery bikes.

Punter Rodney Williams has a big time leg, he can hammer the ball. Fleming still had nice hang time though.

The Esks are loaded in the DB department, the vets looked pretty good but some of the rookies really stood out. Jonte Buhl a corner had one int and another 3 nice pass break ups. The guy looked very good. Reggie Durden sure looks small out there. I didn't see Malcom Frank out there at all.

Braidwood looks like a mean son of gun (probably more to do with his beard and strange haicut)

Jed Roberts was helping out or viewing the D-line drills. Tim Prinsen was acting as a guest coach with coach MacDermott. Player of the day would definately be Buhl in my opinion.

Edmonton Eskimos Day 2: about 200 people showed up at clarke park

My own analysis from Day 2, Session 2:

Impressive(numbered players were most impressive IMO)

  1. Reggie Durden was IMO the most impressive player on the field, he did a great job of positioning himself and blocking some a good number of passes.
  2. DB Roosevelt Williams looked extrememly well at corner, and IMO performed better than Craver
  3. Steven Jyles reminds me of Printers(with his rushing ability- 2 or 3 snaps he couldn't find an open receiver and rushed for about 20 yards each), and he has a very fast ball.
  • Donny Brady was his usual self
  • Jason Johnson had some good speed on his balls as well, and threaded a few nicely through the defenders(one of the few times people cheered)
  • Diedrick had about three balls thrown to him in the mini scrimmages and had great hands on all of them
  • Tucker, Mitchell(one really nice catch about 30 yards right at the sidelines), and Hervey played exceptionally like they always do
  • import punter Rodney Williams looked fantastic holding snaps for fleming, and he seemed like a good guy to have around the team, he was always joking around(will unfortunately probably be cut soon, since he is an import)


  • Malcolm Frank played a long ball from Johnson(i think) and broke up the pass very nicely
  • Randy Spencer looked pretty good on the d-line
  • Rob Leblanc looked better than Nowacki, Woodcock, and Romeo
  • Roundtree was very intimidating with his size on the o-line, but seemed a bit slow
  • Comiskey and Bakker looked decent at right and left guard
  • Ricky Ray looked a bit rusty at the beginning with slow balls that looked like they'd be picked easily. Eventually began to regain his composure, throwing off his back leg with speed and great accuracy!
  • Fleming looked okay with Johnson holding the ball for FG's
  • Gaylor had a few nice catches


  • One of the only times I noticed woodcock was his dropped pass
  • Khari Jones is obviously going to be cut, he consistently overthrew receivers and was very innacurate.
  • It was either C McLane or QB Jones who had trouble with one of the snaps during the scrimmage at the end.
  • o-line looked a bit weak at the tackle position

depth chart:

[url=] ... -May22.pdf[/url]

Thanks for the updates. Hopefully Khari is cut and Steven Jyles will be our #2 QB.

Once again, thanks for updating us Eskimo fans on what's been happening at training camp.

No problem. Next update will probably be next sat. or sun. if I attend some more TC sessions.

Sorry to steal your thunder 123, but for any Eskimo fans wishing an update or insight into the 2006 TC I would recomend visiting

They have the Eskimos covered A-Z. An excellent way to stay updated you can't get down to Clarke Field to watch for yourself.


From the edmonton journal on Day 3 of TC:

JASON TUCKER (SB): Repeatedly schooled defensive backs in one-on-one drills, showing he's already in regular-season form.

TONY TOMPKINS (Returner / SB): He hasn't had a chance to flash his speed returning punts/kicks in practice, but he's proving to have great hands in receiving drills.


RHETT MCLANE (OL): In what could be a make-or-break campaign, the third-year Eskimo had to watch practice yesterday. "I was a little dehydrated (on Day 1)," said McLane. "I felt fine coming off the field (on Sunday), but I had a shower and I guess everything sort of started to tighten up." Although he felt fine yesterday, it was unclear if he would be allowed to practice today.

McLane is fighting with Tim Bakker for the starting centre spot.

JASON JOHNSON (QB): Battling for the No. 2 job, he hasn't looked sharp. Picked off twice in practice, he should have been intercepted on two other throws.


In an interesting twist, import punter Rodney Williams will likely be allowed to kick field goals in the pre-season.

If he consistently nails field goals like he hammers punts, Sean Fleming could be in real trouble by the end of camp.

"The other day I asked (Williams) if he kicks field goals and he said 'Not really,'" recalled head coach Danny Maciocia.

"But then he lined up three (field goal attempts) at 60 yards and put two through the uprights. I don't see why we wouldn't give him that opportunity."

AT CLARKE TODAY: Practice: 9-11:10 a.m.

From Beerfish at
Day 4 pics,

[url=] ... %20060522/[/url]

Beerfish arrived at the 2nd second session of camp to find Diesel, Esklover and the Eskimos newest recruit 'Simon' already there. Simon was called for several 'ruffing' penalties.

Random impressions from Beerfish:

  • DB's once again impressed, JR Larose looked especially good making a great int in the scrimmage. Buhl made another couple of nice plays but got his 1st taste of 'Oh ****, Hervey is faster than I thought'.

  • The much maligned Khari Jones looked good today, passes were crisper and decisions better I thought.

  • Robert Leblanc had a nice day at receiver.

  • Jared Winkle broke one run for what would have been a long gain. Run blocking looked decent, a few break downs in pass blocking.

  • You can see some team building to start with some of the newer guys getting along with the vets and melding in a bit more.

  • Jyles once again showed a very good arm but his long passes were somewhat erratic.

  • As I commented to Diesel, Dubuc looks a bit lighter and a whole lot more nimble to me this year than last where he looked a tad stiff.

  • Lots of interesting drills today:
    DB's having to catch passes fired at them from close range via the ball throwing machine, some good comedy there and more than a few 10 pushups for missed balls.

A couple of different special teams drills covering punts. Everyone has to do these so there was a chorus of 'mismatch!' from some Esks as two olineman found themselves trying to box in Jason Tucker.

A nice drill on the far side of the field. The defender had to grab the ball carrier with one hand and punch out the ball with the other.

AJ Gass still not present, Tompkins did not participate in drills due to a leg injury. Bradley, Inglis, Nugent, Basilion still all nursing injuries. Day 4 camp notes


Rave Reviews – Esks Head Coach Danny Maciocia on receiver Pat Woodcock – “I can’t believe we got him in the fourth round of the dispersal draft because he’s been one of our best receivers so far?
Additions – Newly signed OL (Import – Louisiana College) Matt Miller was on the field today. Miller recently attended a New Orleans Saints mini-camp and has spent time with both Seattle and Kansas City.
Deletions – Rookie WR (Import) Milton Collins has left camp and been placed on the suspended list.

* The following players did not take part in today’s sessions:
* Jason Nugent (knee rehab)
* Randy Spencer (calf strain)
* Nicolas Bisallion  (lower body)
* Mathieu Bertrand (groin)
* Chris Collins (hamstring)
* William Loftus (shoulder rehab)
* Mike Maurer (right foot)
* Tony Tompkins (calf strain)