Training Camp suprises?

In the next couple of weeks there will be some new guys in the line ups? Let us know what you see and if you are excited about the prospects?
Right now who are you excited about seeing in Camp. Bomberfans no need to post we know the whole team qualifies for this thread. :lol: :lol: :lol:


import offensive lineman Raleigh Roundtree 6'5''( i think) 320 pounds

and obviously #1 overall pick DE adam braidwood.

Wow 320 hey that guy comes with his own area code!

now, now, mind the language, this is a family site after all.

So you quoted because?

Because quoting is cool 8)


New guys in the Riders Training camp that i am Interested to see how they do.

The kickers. We have rookie kickers in training camp. I dont think there is anyone with real CFL experience.

Andy Fantuz. Should be interesting to see how Andy does in Training camp, Of course it would help if they actually signed him first.

Jason Armstead and Kerry Joseph. I cant wait to see how well these 2 will mesh with the rest of the team.

As far as Jason Armstead is concerned it will be good to have another receiver in camp especially considering how badly our pass offense went after Dominguez tore his ACL. We will also have to see how well his Kick returning capabilities are and if they match up with what Corey Holmes could do with a kick return.

As for Kerry Joseph. I hope it was worth the trade. As someone pointed out on this forum earlier this year, Quarterbacks always seem to do better after they have left the Riders. I have always felt that the quarterbacks that play for the Riders have to be players that can handle pressure from the fans. Hopefully Kerry Joseph will be able to get the ball to the receviers. The next question will be can the receivers catch and hold onto the ball this year.

The other person that I want to see how well they do during the season is the new Offensive Coordinator. I hope they go with a different offensive scheme.

How will the Riders do this Year? I dont know. I dont own a crystal ball. I guess it partly depends on how well the new players mesh with the existing players. I guess the prefered term is how well will they Gel together.

damn is a bad word now? Jesus Christ…

kids hear alot worse at football games from the players and the crowd

I would say if Karsten Bailey leg has "healed", or he's decided to pay the price to make catches, the Rider receiving core should not be too bad this time around. Lets hope at least one of the kickers can do a good job, whoever that may be he has big shoes to fill.

You say pressure from the fans daytona but I think I was reading that the Riders have just 13,000 seasons tickets, we have 19,000 in Hamilton now. Maybe more pressure in other places than Riderville, you guys seem to be slipping a bit in your support of the team I guess.

The stories I want to hear about:

  • MTL: Greene vs. Carter: who will be the backup?
  • HML: How will all the newcomers fit together?
  • SSK: Is Fantuz the next big thing? How does Joseph behind a real o-line?
  • WPG: Is Glenn good enough to have a good TC against his own struggling defense?
  • CGY: Among the new receivers, is there another Copeland/Lewis?
  • BC: Is McCallum the new local hero? ... Hahahaha, just jk...
  • EDM: Will the Sugarplum Fairy dance on the field before the training session is over?
  • TOR: Will R. J. Soward ever eat pop corn again?

I wouldn't be surprised if Joseph has an awesome season.

he has more physical tools than any recent Rider QB in memory, and will have better recievers than we have had in a long time. I am not holding my breath but I wouldn't be surprised if he has the best Rider QB season in a decade... a lot depends on how our O-line holds up and if KK can stay healthy and get his head screwed on right...

Doctorb, your o-line on a bad day would not be as terrible as Ottawa o-line in a good day. I always wondered what Joseph could have accomplished had he had time to think after the snap of the ball. Now we'll see it.

I think you'll enjoy your season.

Walk-up ticket sales is where the Riders will do well this season. I can't remember a Rider game in the last 5 years that has had a lower attendance than 20 000 and there were a few years in the early 00's that were just plain brutal there was still 20 000 coming out to the park. Maybe the Riders haven't sold as many season tickets as some of the other CFL teams but trust me Earl, Rider Pride is still VERY alive.

First off. Congrats to the Hamilton Organization for outselling the Saskatchewan Organization in season tickets as Earl has reported. I am sure that the Hamilton Tiger Cats organization will feel more pressure than the Saskatchewan Roughriders organization to do better this season based soley on the number of season tickets sold as your post suggests. Dont get me wrong I think the Hamilton ownership has done a great job of turning things around, but I think there is a little more to pressure than the number of season tickets sold.

I admit that there could be and probably is a lot of pressure on the Hamilton Organization to do better this year however I dont know how much pressure there is on the Hamilton Organization because I dont live in Hamilton and I dont watch your media or listen to your sports shows, nor am I attempting to debate with you which team is under more pressure this season. What I can tell you is that expectation are pretty high for the Riders amongst the Rider fans, in particular the expectations of Kerry Joseph are very high this year.

The pressure I was talking about in my orginal post is the pressure a person feels when attempting to live up to other peoples or fans expectations of said person in a sports type scenario. You know the butterfly's in the stomach type pressure before the game. When your body tightens up before a game and you get so nervous and anxious and tight that it feels like someone could use your butthole for a bottle opener (to steal a line from Richard Pryor). That is the pressure I was reffering to.

Your comment about fan support slipping in Riderville. I know several people in Regina who will not cheer for the Riders anymore because they think they are a second rate team and will never get any better. I have been a Rider fan and a CFL football fan as far back as I can remember, and I dont see that changing anytime soon.