Training camp sunday June 2 and so far

I have been following closely and I was there today Sunday June 2.

Here are my thoughts :

1 .I noticed we were running a defence with 4 dlinemen , 2 linebaclers and 6 Db's all the time.
first team was ( peach, davis , bulcke, boudreauz, knowlton, johnson, hinds , parks, Patrick, webb. McCollough, brown)
2knd team ( scott. marshall, moore, s, Williams , s.laurenace, harris, and assortment of db's )

  1. I really liked what I swa form LeFevour and Masoli at QB...both can run and both are assertive.

  2. Specialty team coach reinhold has more of an influence out there then his current role . he was the ALS defensive co-ordinator last year.
    4 . Team is looking to improve overall speed .

5 . I know that a player can impress in one practice and some players are fighting to get a job or get noticed so evaluation can get tricky.

6 punter Bartel was booming them today and looks like he worked on his punting over the off season

7 giguere looked amazing out there getting many catches and good ones .
8 steinhour had some really good DB drills and the team had one on ones receiver and db that showed a lot
9 has been a lot of talk about WR Hilton and he was getting first team reps .he looked good .
10 nate Busey looks like a good lb ..
11 Dominique Harris should stick with this team ..
12 Courtney Stephen looks like he can start in this league
13 Terrance Park DB looks good and was getting first team reps
14 I heard Hobbs was looking good and he did look good today
15 saw m. Bowman out there but still injured
16 DB Erick Harris played well and hard with a couple big play
17 hard not to notice ot Figueroa ..looks good and aggressive
18 DB ray brown looks good and is abig guy
19 wr Ellingson knows how to get open working his butt off too
20 DE Obiora looks like a beast ..ex rugby player in England
21 Eric McCree to me looks like the best new receiver
21 WR Leong looked good
22 Bkari Grant had a jump in his step today
23 WR/ KR Volcy injured but heard alot fo good things
24 Terrence Moore looked great
25 did not see Colcloigh /

In regards to the defensive personnel, Bowman remains injured and Simoni Lawrence didn't participate in many drills, though he was in pads. Hence why they had Johnson in the middle with Parks and Knowlton at outside linebacker.

As for Giguere, he's moved in to the slot this year. Hopefully that helps him out.

Did Brohm partake in a few reps this past weekend gerbear? (or jordan)

Curious as to how he stacks up against LeFevour and Masoli for the #2 position.

I did see Brohnm taking reps but I saw more of LeFevour and Masoli and the two looked better at the one practice . From what i am hearing LeFevour seems to be leading for # 2 spot with Brohm close behind and Masoli maybe in 3rd at this early stage. Austin has indicated the Pre Season games will weigh heavilly on his decison. Austin is the Qb's coach so he gets t see them up close and will see how they learn his offence and what chemistry is gained with receivers etc .

Hi Jordan

Ok that explains the off defensice formation . i was speaking to Steve Milton ands others who though they were trying something radical .

Yeah Giguere seems very suitable in the inside

My overall impression was that the vets were a lot less rusty than they were for first day of camp last year. I have a feeling there may be some cuts I'm not entirely too happy with, but I guess we will see.

Some of the DBs looked great out there.
King had a beauty of a pick and the D LOVED it. Great to see the chirping back and forth.
Most of the guys were catching the balls thrown their way in the DB drills. Breaux had a couple of nice catches.
I agree Stephen is a beast. That kid can start.

Peach looks like he's slimmed down some and he was getting a great jump off the line. Showed really good speed.
Davis looked good too

Will give Giguere credit. He made some great catches
Bakari Grant made a crazy catch too.
Agree about McCree. He looked good in rookie camp too.

Figueroa was a little intense. I know he is trying to make an impression, but he needs to tone it down a bit. I saw him do a couple of things that would have been flags for sure.

Some of the o-line guys are big boys. Tall and leanish.

Spent a good amount of time watching the punting. Bartel looked good. I'm also very impressed with Alvarado. Great leg. I wouldn't want to be the one making the decisions there.'

Lots of tough competition.

Thank you for the observations, folks. Much appreciated. Some of us out of towners can't make it down the road, so you guys are our eyes and ears.

It's been a fun and informative read!!!!

Anyone know the story on Johnathan Beaulieu-Richard?
CFL Transactions lists him as getting the same treatment as Chris Williams on Sunday -- Suspended.

He had a final exam and was excused for a couple days with permission.

HAMILTON | Jonathan Beaulieu-Richard also shines by its absence at Camp Tiger-Cats, but for very different reasons.The former star linebacker Carabins University of Montreal to write an important exam today to complete his degree in pharmacy."I am very grateful to the Tiger-Cats for giving me the opportunity to stay in Montreal to study, he said. I can concentrate on my studies.

Beaulieu-Richard was placed on the list of suspended players, but Kent Austin stands behind his player. "He wants to be here and it is completely different from other (Plesius and Williams), said head coach, These are personal reasons and we allowed him to leave. "- Richard Boutin

Thanks Grover.

a very gracious sentiment by Austin and the Cats for supporting Jonathan in furthering his education.

and yes, both absences are apples to oranges.

thanks gerbear.

Austin is of the opinion that Brohm and Lefevour are not far apart in the race for the #2 spot, and would like to see them both in game action before designating depth.

[b]Ticats head coach Kent Austin on the battle for the backup quarterback job, which appears to be between Dan Lefevour and Brian Brohm: "It's close. We evaluate after every practice, we chart all reads, all the mechanical issues, the physical execution and the mental execution. And then we need to look at pre-season games. We need to see how the guys will play when things are live."[/b]

One thing I neglected to mention is how much I like the coaching style of our staff. I didn't see a lot of Austin, but I was very impressed with Condell and Reinebold. Love the way they coach. They have already built a good rapport with the players and they treat them like human beings. Make corrections when needed and make the guys repeat the drill until they get it right. I even have to admit that I like the way Steinauer interacts with the DBs. The drills are all very interesting too. Many I haven't seen before.

Agree 100%!

Overall, the atmosphere & environment is A LOT better than last season! Upbeat, positive & very conducive to learning & growing & developing & competing. Coaches are very good at giving direction & setting expectations in a very positive way. Steinhauer & Condell & Reinbold are energetic & clearly care for their players & are the first to tell a player "good job ____" or "that's it _____". They use names and they really seem like the kind of coaches you WANT to play for! It's got a kind of college atmosphere to it. The best of a college environment mixed with professionalism IMHO.

Furthermore ... I've never seen or heard of a coach who cares about his players as much as Jeff Reinbold. I love the way he floats around to the different position groups when it's not ST Drills and works with/talks to the guys. I swear he's going to get these guys running through walls for him! I'm very impressed with Coach Surfer Harley Davidson!

Fenderguy, i noticed that too, about reinbold....very supportive of all player positions and helpful,as are the rest of austins staff...a HUGE change from last years staff.
the one kicker we have(i think lauther) he has a big leg on him from what i have seen so far....danny mac was telling me that mike singletary will be at the black n gold game saturday to watch his son!!! he could add some intensity to any program!

Alvarado appears to have impressed TiCat brass as well, being adept at both kicking and punting, although unlikely to stick given the impressive year Congi and Bartel had last season.

They might be inclined to keep him as a reserve spot for assurance though.