Training Camp starts June 2nd

No problem Tipper. Hawks fans are always faster! Go Hawks Go!

8) How right you are, Neuman !!! :lol: Yep, Go Hawks Go !!

why is every post get dragged into something else seriously cmon ppl or do u just like to hear urself speek wether heres there or not isnt gonna change this foroum

Looking forward to June 2nd, Im so happy they are having it at Mac this year! :rockin: :rockin:
Enough on the Chris Williams ordeal he wont be at camp this year. Thats just my opinion!

Please try and stay on topic, this thread is about training camp not everyone's posts... :expressionless:

my point is exactly that so why dont u try it

Single Game Seats go On Sale To the Public Monday, May 13 th :thup: Most teams are June 1st, Montreal is the first to go on sale, Friday, May 10th ,