Training camp start date?

Anyone know when the training camp start date is ?

I assume around June ? i know the rookies go for about 1 week before the vets come in ?

There's an exhibition game on June 13th, so it would probably start around June 1st.

I think the rookies just go for a day or two before training camp begins.

Thanks so much …I am looking forward to see what Kevin Glenn can do with a full season with BRUCE, Cobb, mcdaniel and now Mann… it has been awhile since we had 2 legit threads at wide out ( Mann and Bruce ) …last time i remember it was steve stapler and keith baker , or Tony Chanmpion and Earl Winfield

The first 'rookie camp' practice is currently schedule to begin on Thursday, June 3 at 8:55am.

Veterans are expected to hit the field for the first time on Sunday, June 6 at 8:05am.

A full training camp schedule will be released in the coming weeks.

Thanks that is purr fect ...OSKI WEE WEE :slight_smile:

Woohoo that's a month away. Can't wait!! Seems like only yesterday I was complaining about the long offseason.

They're working on the field at Ron Joyce Stadium at McMaster as we speak. They've taken up all of the turf except the end zones and have it rolled up on the sidelines. If I recall correctly, they had the endzones rolled up earlier, but they're back in place now (as of this morning).

Not sure what exactly they are doing, but I assume it will be ready for TC in a month. Interestingly, there's a layer of compacted gravel immediately below the turf, but they haven't touched the gravel.


Isn't TC at Western in London this year?

From what I've heard, the turf at Ron Joyce is being replaced, at the manufacturers expense, from goal posts to goal posts.

Something about the turf not laying properly? Sure someone on here has heard more.

Hopefully a new bargaining agreement is signed and there is a training camp.

I sure hope it's a Mac, I just started working there a few months ago and it was something I was looking forward to!

I thought they had just talked about going to Western for a few days, but never committed to anything.


Can anyone confirm the location of training camp this year?

I can Confirm it is mac after Speaking to Someone at Ticats office

Phew! It does look like they are replacing the turf (but not the endzones), most of the rolls piled up on the sidelines have now been taken away and there are 3 large dumpsters full of that black granular material that goes between the turf blades.


would like to hear some Camp Dates

any news ???

Still looking for news ???

when dose Rookie Camp Start and When Vets Report.

The question was answered already by Ticat staff. You need to read up a few posts.

As but normally 2 days or power Practices info

I am trying to add the Schedule to my Ipod

I think one of the Ticat Insider emails may have said rookies on June 2nd and vets on the 5th. But that's just by memory, I might be off by a day.

Yes I am looking for Complete Camp Schedule

did you read the posts?
they said it will be out in the next few weeks...