Training camp signings/releases

Only release that sorta sticks out today or even so far this camp was the release of Mark Holden. not a suprise at all. Passed by in the draft. I’m pretty sure he has some elegibility left at the university level so he might return to school. All the best!

Khari long is back in the picture as well.

the only release i could find for today was J.T. Leggin. i was expecting at least five by now. Like toronto did. Again, no big suprise on Leggin getting released. First training camp out of college. Perhaps he can catch on in an areana or indoor league or UFL. There is a little bit of a lack of good DBs in the CFL right now, so you never know when he might return. But so many linebackers that are fast end up in the secondary. I am sure many many more cuts to come.

Perhaps the most suprising cut(to myself) this week was Turner by the argos. i really thought they would he would make it reguardless. Guess he spent too much time rehabbing and forgot how to catch the ball.Calgary is stalked up with recievers. the only place i could see him possibly signing would be maybe montreal. And maybe a slim slim chance BC will need someone with the recievers age and injuries. Montreal can sometimes take trash and turn it into treasure. not to say turner is trash. its a metaphor.

i like that marc calixte is back on the roster. i am hoping he gets a little more roatation this year then just special teams. no major releases. the web site said line backer scorpio babers was released. i have no info on him at this time. some more DBs were brought in, no suprise there. i think they will look everyhwere they possibly can to fin the best possibly DB. Not a lot of all start dbs out there for the CFL. so when you get on thats great, gotta stick with em. One more interestring note, they brough in Quin McCaughan from the dinos to work with the line. i highly highly doubt we will see him play this season. im sure he will be back in school.

Quin McCaughan was released. no suprise. i suspect he will be back next year at training camp

osie Ukwuoma was invited to camp yesterday, might get playing time in the game tonight.

Non import Ian DeGannes shaw has been activated, Thomas Majors has been release.

Tony Washington is finally at camp and active. I am following this story a little bit, just because im a really hoping and praying this becomes a great comeback/success story!

Steven Gachette is gone. making sinoppili the current definate #3.

Jon Gott is active. terrance stringer should get a decent shot.

tyrone collins, Maxwell Onyegblue, andre coleman are gone.

Junius Coston is gone to Edmonton.

Only suprises at all were Coston and Gachette. Huff is usually hard on QB's, but he typiclly gives them till september before cutting them.

ramoynd brown, dudley guice, rafael little and jared Manchulenko all released.

the Manchulenko is interesting... he was a final round picv this year. like 46th over all or something. not even on my radar remotely. my guess is he will go back to university for his last year of elegibility. he was a non counter, and if he comes back to training camp next year he will still be a non counter. so continue to keep him on the radar. i should look into it more... not sure if he was a third or fourth year. if he is a third year, he has two Univeristy years left. Honestly though, i did not expect him to make it this far. the fullback and running back depth is just too great on the stamps right not. even randy C. is playing fullback this year.

i would suspect this is the last we will see of guice in the CFL.

With the Tate injury I wouldn't mind seeing Chris Leak picked up in the interim. Happy for Sinopoli making the cut but I hope I only see him wearing a baseball cap on the sidelines for the opener...or maybe plunging ahead on 3rd and short.

You should read Al Cameron's blog which I posted in the CFL Talks section.

second worst desicion since the huff took over. Bishop is like a strain of the clap that just keeps popping up.

DB Saleem Borhot
OL Zac Carlson
OL Oamo Culbreath
DL Ian DeGannes-Shaw
DB Marcus Jemison*
DL Khari Long*
REC Reggie McNeal*
REC Marko Mitchell*
REC Deon Murphy*
DL Jamontay Pilson*
DL Osie Ukwuoma
RB Matt Walter

Thats the final cutdowns as listen on the stamps website. Matt walter, as i said in the main forum, was a bit of a suprise, but theres a lot of running back depth already. Khari long... amazing this guy couldnt stick. Im glad Murphy didnt stick.

I was glad to see no Canadian recievers were released in the last cut down.

Interesting...and not that I'm hung up on Leak, I just think he's about the best option out there and I'm not sure that he would command as much salary since he's been cut twice now in the CFL. Bishop scares me so I hope Tate isn't gone too long.

...the terms of the contract are not very attractive:

a) you're probably not going to play, ever, unless Hank goes down to injury, which is possible I suppose, but given his track record for overall fitness and strength, highly unlikely. Any garbage time in the fourth quarter will be handled by Sinopoli to boost his reps,
b) we are going to pay you pretty much the bare minimum we can get away with because of a),
c) once Tate is ready to play again you are immediately gone thanks don't let the screen door whack you butt on the way out.

...given that job criteria I'm surprised we found anyone willing to say 'okay'

He did his job lastnight

Bishop just doesn't look right in red and white.

...I should've clarified: 'unless it's 3rd and 1'...

sorry this is late...

Bender is released(im sure this time). i suspect he will be back when the rosters expand... but still only on the PR.

shawn mayne takes benders spot on the PR

Rene Paredes will take over field goal duties for now. he beat out some good names.

both non imports

i missed the press release when borhot was released. im suprised with how weak we are int he secondary hes not at least on the practice roster. maybe the cats will pick him up.

Turner has been signed! this is a real unique pickup. from what i understand, RJ is hurt. This comes from an interview i heard with arash madani on the fan this morning. but i cant find a single article about him being hurt, and he is still listed on the stamps depth chart as second string behind forzanni. also kinda strange. since htey are often on the field at the same time on wide outs. often depends if cote is on the field or not. i dont know how bad, but if they signed another Canadian reciever, i would venture to guess hes on the 9 game. SO if turner comes in, im thinking he is on the practice roster unless someone is hurt. i think this is a great chance for turner to do something. ait should be said though.... this is most likely his last chance. if he cant make the stamps, hes done. i was suprised how fast barker gave up on him. in calgary, parker, forzanni, and RJ are ahead of him. unless they want to try and have him back up nik lewis at slot.

Lyle green is already on the active roster. but i cant find who the stamps might have released to do so. maybe jabari arthur? we have a lot of depth already at fullback. I was on vacation last week, so im a little behind. im hoping to find out more from the chevy and nasty show later today on the fan.

I feel like im having a groundhog day this year with the signings and releases on the stamps this year, especially the practice roster. Jon Bender is back on the practice roster... Please note my previous posts stating we would see him back!
after burner turner is no longer on the stamps roster. i really hope this guy can stick somehwere! college talent out the ying yang, but just seems to be missing it.

mayne and brown released as well. mayne took benders post on the P.R. we will se him somewhere when the rosters are completed after Labour day.

its interesting how much work the huff puts into his practice roster. i find the stamps a team that is always trying to improve the depth of the team. i feel teams like the stamps and the lions and the als are showing that yes, you can build a team with depth in the CFL and not just be feeder teams for the NFL.

Calgary signs Justin Conn. drafted by montreal in 2010, played one game. He will be most likely replaceing Marc Calixte on speacial teams. But Karl Mcarty it out as well. At least they are giving the guy a chance. always good to keep your Canadian content on the upswing. best of luck.