Training Camp Schedule

Received the official schedule for Ticats' Training Camp today and noted that the entire camp is slated to take place at the new Ron Joyce Stadium at Mac's Alumni Field.

Hope to see many of you out there. I understand that this stadium, though small, is state of the art.

The Black and Gold Scrimmage takes place on Sunday, June 8th from 5:00 to 6:00pm.

It should be fun trying to decide who this year's starters and back-ups will be.

Rookie Camp: May 28 - 30th.
Training Camp: June 1 - 16th.

I hope somebody speaks to coach Taffe, or that some sort of agenda gets set out for the Black Gold scrimage this year.

The team did basically nothing or the first hour last year on a 30 plus degree day.
I had a 1 year old and 5 year old and bailed after 1 hour.
I had attended and enjoyed this scrimage many times in previous years at Brock U and Ivor Wynn and had a blast.
One year they had Lesley Stewart on the mic. doing live interviews and she was very entertaining.
Last year was a COMPLETE waste of time.
Coaches fault???
Poorly organized??
Lots of people were in the stands and he showed no urgency to entertain.
This day should be for the fans!

I also hope go back to
Black vs Gold Format and not Offence vs Defence.