training camp schedule

Just wondering if anyone has a training camp schedule with dates and times.

It'd be nice to get down to Mac and catch a few workouts.



By the sounds of reading on the forums the past couple of days alot of people have been saying rookie camp begins Wednesday and then main camp by the sounds of it will start a couple of days after not sure of what times yet just been reading what others have been on the forum

Ticat rookie camp starts on May 29th. The regular training camp begins when the players check in on June 2nd and the first practice is on June 3rd. Practice times have not yet been announced.

So the training camp is posted on the main page of the site...

Did anyone else notice that the practices are 3 hours EACH? I seem to recall them only being 2 hours last year with a 3 hour power practice once a week.

Good to see Coach Taaffe dropping the hammer early... haha.